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Sleeping Organic's Sustainability Scholarship (ID 2958)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
As big believers in promoting sustainable products, services, and other initiatives that make the world a more eco-friendly place, we’re proud to announce our first semi-annual sustainability scholarship! The scholarship will be awarded each semester to a college student who is committed to challenging the status-quo of what “sustainability” means in the industry they’re studying to enter.

Our hope is that this scholarship will:

-Ease the burden of college debt for students who wish to give back to the environment
-Provoke thought on new ways businesses can help make the world a more sustainable, eco-friendly place.
-Help bring more awareness to the importance of sustainability.
-Encourage future generations to build on sustainability benchmarks that have already been set in their industry.

Contact Information


Min GPA:
-A United States Citizen
-Incoming or current college student entering their freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year.
-Have a minimum cumulative GPA 2.5
-For incoming Freshman, a minimum high school GPA of 2.5 is also sufficient.
Special Criteria:
The Application

There isn’t one solution for improving sustainability on the planet, so there isn’t one right answer to the questions you’ll find below. This is also why the questions, in general, are somewhat broad. To apply, please submit a personal video or essay that answers the following questions:

How will online buying habits change as information about product sustainability becomes more accessible?
What’s one type of product that needs a more sustainable solution?

Please include the following information with your application:

For the questions, short sentences are fine. You don’t need to make this a separate essay, we’d just like to know a little more about you!

First and last name
Where did you grow up?
What does your ‘perfect career’ look like?
If you could put one billboard anywhere in the world, where would it be and what would it say?