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DialedTech 2017 Internet Marketing (ID 2815)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
DialedTech (DT) is our parent company. DT is an internationally based (read, digitally nomadic) company currently based in Helsinki, Sweden. We came up with the idea for an IM scholarship in 2016, and riding on the tail of a great success last year, we’ll continue to offer this scholarship in 2017 and beyond. If you would like to apply for one of our $500 scholarships – application details, including eligibility are below. Best of luck!

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Applicants need to demonstrate an interest in learning about internet marketing, online e-commerce, and/or passive income. Interest can be shown by any of the following:
Majoring in marketing, business, or communications.
Currently operating (owner / founding partner) an internet business while in college or high school
Involvement in a family-owned internet business
Special Criteria:
Write an article (800 – 1,500 words) about a product you are familiar with, and can review, which could also apply to’s theme of Outdoor Tech Reviews. Pay close attention to either matching our formatting style, or creating your own style which you believe is the ultimate style for outdoor tech gear reviews. For 2017 we are focused on a couple more areas than last year. This year, we have these topics:
Running Tech: Shoes, waist-packs, hats, shirts, shorts, socks, etc.
Ultra-running Tech: same as above
Triathlon Tech: same as above, to include bicycle tech, swimming, etc.
Headlamps – Only over $50 price-point
GPS Sport Watches