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InnoReviews 2017s Scholarship (ID 2804)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Here at InnoReviews we promote all kinds of different hardware, we are looking to provide top notch quality and 100% unbiased reviews on every single piece of Hardware we get our hands on.
After the InnoReview’s 1 Year Anniversary, we have noticed that a big majority of our readers are students from the United States between the ages of 16 to 25, as such we have decided that maybe it was time for us to finally give back to the community that has supported us for this long year and that (hopefully) will continue to support us for the upcoming years!

Contact Information



Must be a US student currently enrolled(or accepted) in a United States College as of 2016/2017.
Special Criteria:
For the students that wish to participate simply send an email to: and in the email you must provide the following:
Personal Information (Name, Address, Name of the College you’re enrolled at)
Quick / Small Bio about yourself, what you’re studying and why did you decide to pursue it.
The Bio and the Essay will be the important factors when deciding the winner, for this, you must first contact us and at the time we will tell you what to write the Essay about.
Essay Requirements:
Minimum of 1,000 Words.
Must be delivered in Word / Wordpad format OR Google Docs. (Relevant images are always a bonus!)
NO CHEATING. (This means no copy pasting your essay from other websites! Feel free to read other websites for information on the topic but do not copy word for word! Rewriting certain parts is fine as long as it isn’t blown out of proportions).