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Protechlists Scholarship (ID 2734)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
There is no need to emphasize the importance of education here, I guess. Everybody is pretty well aware of its need and significance. But when it comes to financial resources to carry on studies, especially in the case of higher education, there are many students who really struggle with that.
So what’s the solution? Doing a part time job doesn’t sound like a good idea because it’s harmful for academics in the longer run. Scholarships give the support to the drowning boat of students here.
Here’s an opportunity for the needy students to explore. It’s because we, Protechlists Team , are offering a scholarship of $1000 to the deserving candidates through our “Protechlists Scholarship” Program.

Contact Information


You don’t need to be a supernatural student for being applicable for this scholarship. You just need to be a student, a passionate and dedicated student of any level, whether high school, college freshman or post graduate, etc. Nothing more.
Special Criteria:
There isn’t any lengthy and complicated procedure to be a beneficiary of this opportunity. You just need to write an article between 500 to 1000 words. Content perfection in every aspect; grammar, spelling and sentence structure etc. is mandatory. Morover, the article should be written only for us, no published content. You’re supposed to submit it in the word.doc format through an email with your article attached along. We need your all details mentioned below too to consider you.
Personal credentials (Complete Name, Cell No, Email)
Name of Institution
Name of City, State and Country
A proof of your status as a student.
Nature of Topics:
As we’re a tech organization, you can focus on any technological gadget or any topic on IT of your choice and put everything on the paper about it. The best part is that you’re not bound to write 6000+ words long content like you see on this site e.g. Best Wireless Routers 2017. Just write between 500 to 1000 words article in the mentioned tech niche and wait for the moment we announce the lucky student. Passion in writing is more appreciated than expertise.