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Native American Natural Resource Research Scholarship (ID 2120)

Scholarship Description

Start Date:
Up to $4,000
The ITC Research Scholarship is designed to support tribally relevant, natural resource based,
research being conducted by Native American scholars (graduate or undergraduate).

Required Material: The ITC Research Sub-Committee will review and rank only those applications that
completely address the following criteria:

A. Letter of Application: The letter must include your name, permanent mailing address, email
address and phone number. Discuss your current educational program and how the proposed
research fits into both your degree in natural resources and your future plans.

B. Resume

C. Evidence of validated enrollment in a federally recognized tribe or Alaska Native Corporation,
as established by the U.S. Government. A photocopy of your enrollment card, front and back, or
Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB) is sufficient.

D. Mini Research Proposal: Please keep this concise (4 page maximum not counting budget and
justification). Required elements include a) abstract stating research merit and explaining how
this research is relevant to tribal natural resource interests b) timeline and methodology c)
dissemination plan, including a tribal component d) budget and budget justification

E. Letters of reference/support from an Academic advisor or committee member is required.
Additionally, a second letter of support from a tribal resource manager or a tribal
representative with tribal approval of the project or the relevancy of the project to the tribe is

All requested material must be received by close of business (5:00 p.m. PST) January 31, 2018.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Applications should be submitted electronically by email (, or (fax 503 282 1274).

Questions regarding the application process can be submitted to ITC ( (phone 503- 282-4296) or Adrian Leighton, co-chair of the ITC Research Sub-Committee (

Contact Information


Native American/Native Alaskan
Enrollment in a federally recognized tribe or Alaska Native Corporation,
as established by the U.S. Government

Native American students who are planning or currently conducting tribally relevant research in a natural resource issue