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Faculty Senate Awards

faculty senate award nominations for 20222024 Faculty Senate Awards

Nominations for the 2024 Faculty Senate Awards will in April, 2023.

2023 Award Recipients

2022 Award Recipients

2021 Award Recipients

We did not do the Faculty Senate Awards in 2020 due to the pandemic.  It was decided in lieu of awards and the luncheon, that the money normally spent on those items would donated to the student emergency fund.

2019 Award Recipients

Best/Promising Practices
Melissa Klise: Math
Jasmyne Chandler: PCE (formerly ABS)

Kevin Culhane: Science
Tracy Redd: Math

Student Engagement
Bonnie Sutton: PCE (formerly ABS)
Steve Foster: Manufacturing

David Sours: Humanities
Jill Brand: Math

Student Advocate
Katie Strong: Science
Margaret Brewer: Nursing

Manny Pacheco: Social Science
Polly Greist: Humanities

Promoting Global Awareness
Ryan Maple: Humanities

Community Engagement & Partnership
Michelle Gallas: Early Childhood Education

Service Learning
Erika Giesen: Social Science

Most Popular Doctor
Dr. Chip Phillips: Humanities

2018 Award Recipients

Best/Promising Practices:
Dorothy Swain:  Science

Lori Lundine:  Adult Basic Skills

Student Engagement
Chelsea Fine:  Humanities
Jim Shaw:  Emergency Services
Jim VanBrunt:  Science

Steve Carlino:  Health/PE/Recreation

Faculty Achievement
Mary Pierce:  Library Services

Student Advocate
Chelsea Daugherty:  ASG Advisor

Jeremy Taylor:  Computer Science
Jim Miller:  Driver Training

Faculty Senate 2014/152017 Award Recipients

Best/Promising Practices
Serena St. Clair,  Ph.D., Adult Basic Skills (Full-time)

Navarro Chandler, Academic Success (Full-time)

Student Engagement
Kenneth Jones, Business Technology (Full-time)

Doug Gardner, Mathematics (Full-time)

Faculty Achievement
Kathy Foster, Mathematics (Adjunct)

Student Advocate
Melissa Merryman, Counseling/ASG (Adjunct)

Inspiration Head Dude
Dr. Randy Wade, Business Technology (Full-time)

Promoting Global Awareness
Dr. Juanita Menchaca, Social Science (Adjunct)

Community Engagement & Partnership
Eileen Micke-Johnson, Early Childhood & Elementary Education (Full-time)

Lifetime Dedication
Gaia Layser, Counseling (Full-time)

Faculty Senate Luncheon -- May 2017

The Faculty Senate Awards Luncheon was May 19, 2017 at Table Rock Campus, Room 184.  An oriental buffet was catered by Medford School Food Service.

Deb Murphy and Jessica Kitchen hosted the event on behalf of the Faculty Senate. 

The following award recipients attended the luncheon and said a few words about their award and their teaching experience: 

  • Serena St. Clair – Best/Promising Practices
  • Kenneth Jones – Student Engagement
  • Doug Gardner – Uniqueness
  • Juanita Menchaca – Promoting Global Awareness
  • Eileen Micke-Johnson – Community Engagement and Partnership

Randy Wade was unable to attend but provided a few words of wisdom which Deb read on his behalf (his award was for Inspiration Head Dude). 

2016 Award Recipients

Elijah Bunnell - Mathematics (Full-time)

Student Engagement
Sandy Contreras - Health/PE/Recreation (Adjunct)

Student Advocate
Melissa Merryman - ASGRCC Advisor (Adjunct)

Karen Pleasant - Humanities (Adjunct)

Faculty Achievement
Midge Shaw - Academic Skills (Full-time)

Best/Promising Practices
Lori Sours - Outcomes & Assessment Strategist (Full-time)

The Unsung Hero
Marty Steiner - Mathematics (Adjunct)

Promoting Career Awareness
David Underwood - Business Technology (Adjunct)

Community Engagement and Partnership
Verne Underwood - Humanities (Full-time)

Dr. Mary Ann Woodman - Social Science (Adjunct)

Recipients of Faculty Senate Awards 2014/152015 Award Recipients

Best/promising practices:
Donna Parrish: Adult Basic Skills (PT-RWC)

Eva Akiyama: Counseling (PT-RVC)
Tim O’Brien: Mathematics (PT-RWC)

Student Engagement
Suzanne Chavez:; Foreign Language (FT-RWC)
Midge Shaw: Academic Skills (FT-RWC)

Niki Theis-Coulter: Social Science  (FT-RWC)

Faculty Achievement
Cathy Mulleary: Mathematics (PT-TRC)

Student Advocate
Sue Naumes: Nursing (FT-RWC)

Phillip Fishwick: Art (PT-RWC)

Community Engagement & Partnership
Brandon Atkins: Social Science (PT-RVC)
Kiersta Fricke-Gostnell:  Adult Basic Skills (FT-RVC)

Other: Advocate for Learning
Verne Underwood: Humanities (FT-RVC)

2014 Award Recipients

Best/promising practices:
Karen Pleasant:  Humanities (PT-RWC)
Joan Vaughters:  Adult Basic Skills (PT-RWC)

Karl  Brake:  Art (FT-RWC)
Evalyn Hansen:  Adult Basic Skills/ESL  (PT-RVC)

Student Engagement
Cil Stengel:  Humanities:  (PT-RVC)

Polly Greist:  Humanities  (PT-RVC)

Faculty Achievement
Manuel Pacheco:  Social Science/Human Services (FT-RVC)

Student Advocate
Erika Giesen: Social Science (FT-RVC)

Melissa Polen:  Business (FT-RWC)
Katie Ward:  Science   (FT-RWC)

Community Engagement & Partnership
Kemp Pheley:  Diesel  (FT-TRC)