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What to Expect as a Student Employee

Congratulations on your job as a student employee at RCC!† In accepting this position, you have assumed certain rights and responsibilities for which you will be held accountable.†

The following expectations are outlined below.

Student Employee Rights & Responsibilities

Your RIGHTS as a student employee:

  • To be treated fairly and equitably by your supervisor and RCC.
  • To know what is expected of you concerning your work schedule, duties, and other requirements made by the supervisor.
  • To be informed about your work performance through verbal communication and performance evaluations.

Additional RIGHTS as a student at RCC:

Student Code of Responsible Behavior

RCC provides an environment, which encourages open, responsible and respectful exchange of opinions, ideas and information.† Enrollment at RCC carries with it the responsibility to learn course content and not to violate the Student Code of Responsible Behavior as provided in Sections 1 through 8 (in any classroom, lab, college facility or at any college sponsored event), or as provided in Section 9, regardless of location.† A student who violates the Code (in any of Sections 1 through 9) will be subject to disciplinary action as defined in Section IX.C.

Human Rights Policy

RCC values and respects diversity as a foundation for a healthy learning and working community. The Human Rights Policy provides a statement of non-discrimination and an affirmation of the rights and dignity of all individuals at RCC. Included is a procedure for the prompt resolution of complaints of discrimination or harassment, including sexual harassment, which may be brought by any person who believes he or she has been subjected to discrimination or harassment by RCC, its employees or students.

Your RESPONSIBILITIES as a student employee:

As a student employee, you make a commitment to your employer that you will perform your job duties assigned to you to the best of your abilities. Student employee positions are real jobs and should be treated as such. Consider your job an opportunity for professional development and an excellent occasion for you to build skills you cannot learn in the classroom. In addition, your department supervisor may later serve as an employment reference and can be excellent source for letters of recommendation. The following are recommended good employee practices:

Attendance and Work Schedules

Student employees are hired as part-time temps and should be scheduled as such.† We rely on the skills of supervisors and the good judgment of student employees to take all factors into consideration when establishing work schedules.† Supervisors and students should remember that academic success remains the top priority.

  • No student employee can work during time scheduled for class or more than 20 hours per week with the exception of term breaks.
  • Report to work on time and let your supervisor know when you arrive for work.
  • If you need to miss work for any reason, request permission from your supervisor in advance.
  • In case of an emergency, contact your supervisor as soon as you know you will miss work.


  • Supervisors count on student employees to work.
  • Act in a professional manner concerning all aspects of your work.
  • Respond positively to constructive criticism.
  • Try to establish good working relationships with your supervisor and other student co-workers.
  • Always follow RCC and department policies and procedures.
  • Remember that your behavior on the job reflects on both you and RCC!

Appearance and Dress

Dress appropriately for your job as specified by your supervisor.† You represent RCC whenever you work!


  • Always perform your assigned duties to the best of your ability.
  • Follow instructions correctly and completely - do your best!
  • If instructions are not clear, ask for clarification in order to complete each task accurately.
  • If you are not able to complete an assignment because you donít have the skills or training necessary, tell your supervisor immediately.

Conditions of Employment

  • To maintain your eligibility, you must be enrolled in at least six credits during the term, and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA.
  • Lab aides and peer tutors need a 3.0 GPA.
  • Follow the policies of the college and the department in which you are working.
  • Student employees are temporary, hourly employees who are hired on an as-needed basis.† RCC makes every effort to employ as many students as possible, but there is no guarantee that a student will find a position.
  • Students, as at-will employees, may be terminated at any time during the term or academic year.


Confidential information includes:

DO NOT release or share confidential information about other students to anyone, including family members of the student, either by phone or in person.† Unauthorized release of confidential information is a serious violation of the Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).† Respect the records as if they contained your own personal information.

DO NOT discuss department issues with anyone outside the department.

DO NOT remove files or other materials from the work place.†

A breach of such confidentiality or any act of dishonesty may be just cause for your immediate dismissal.

Drug-Free Workplace

The Drug-free Workplace Act requires employers who contract with, or receive grants from, federal agencies to certify that they will meet certain requirements by providing a drug-free workplace.† No employee shall unlawfully manufacture, distribute, process or use a controlled substance in the workplace and violations will result in disciplinary action that may include, but is not limited to, suspension or dismissal.

Equipment and Supplies

  • Do not misuse supplies or equipment. Equipment and supplies are to be used for official college business only.
  • Use equipment only after receiving instructions and always keep safety in mind.

SmokingImage: No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in all college facilities except for places specifically designated as “smoking areas.”


Depending on your schedule, you may or may not qualify for breaks.† The following are the rules according to BOLI:

Federal and State Regulations require employees be provided with an unpaid 30 minute meal break if the work day is 6 hours or longer.† Paid rest periods must be provided for every four hour segment, or major part of four hours worked in one work period.

Check with your supervisor about the frequency and length of breaks you may take.

Food and Drink

Generally, food and drinks are not permitted near computers and may not be permitted at all in some work settings.† Check with your supervisor for what is appropriate for your work setting.

Personal Business

Extended personal phone calls and visits to the workplace are considered inappropriate.† Conducting personal business such as paying bills during work hours is considered inappropriate.

Public Relations

  • Listen carefully
  • Give clear and polite responses to:
    • Other students
    • RCC employees
    • Visitors

Quitting and Termination

It is recommended that you give your supervisor a two-week notice if you plan to quit your job.† This will allow your supervisor some time to find a replacement for you.† Remember that your supervisor may be giving you a work reference in the future, so be careful not to “burn your bridges”.

Student employees are considered at-will employees and may be terminated at any time.† Any student employee who consistently does not meet work expectations may be terminated at the request of the employing department.

Below are examples of behaviors which may result in disciplinary action, including the possibility of immediate dismissal:

  • Excessive tardiness or absences without a legitimate excuse
  • Carelessness or lack of attention that results in injury to property, person, or public relations
  • Inappropriate conduct including profanity, physical violence, sexual misconduct and harassment
  • Discourtesy or failure to work harmoniously with fellow employees
  • Failure to serve the public with courtesy
  • Breach of confidentiality
  • Theft
  • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty
  • Falsification of time reports

Time Reports and Payment

Students should keep track of their time worked on the approved timesheet forms located on the Student Employment Services website. Please fill them out as you work rather than completing the whole timesheet when it is due. Oftentimes mistakes are made when pre- or post-completing timesheets. It is also important that meal breaks be shown on your timesheet to insure compliance with federal and state laws.

Your supervisor must check over the timesheet for accuracy and completeness prior to signing. In addition, holiday and weekend hours worked must be initialed by your supervisor to qualify for payment. Any changes on timesheets must be approved and initialed by your supervisor. Timesheets must be signed in ink.

All address changes need to be made to Student Employment Services as well as Rogue Central.

Time reports are due to your supervisor on or before the 20th of the month. Time reports are due to Student Employment Services on the first business day following the 20th.

Students will be paid the last business day of the month. All paychecks and paystubs (direct deposit) are mailed the day before payday (unless the student chooses to sign up for ipay and direct deposit choosing to go paperless). If students would like to make sure they get their pay on payday, students should sign up for direct deposit.

If you feel that your paycheck is incorrect, please contact the
Student Employment Services department to resolve the situation.

Student Employee Time Cards and Pay Checks

Remember it is your responsibility to complete and submit your timesheet on time to your supervisor.

Initial set-up:
  1. Check with your supervisor on time card process. Always use current time card.
  2. Make a folder on your computer desk top titled “Time Reports"
  3. Log on and go to the Student Employment Services site at:
  4. Select the Student Time Card link.
  5. Select SAVE AS, and in the "Time Reports" file, name the document, and click save.
Entering hours worked into time report:
  1. Following the bubble instructions on the time report, input your beginning time in hours/minutes am/pm in the “In” box.
    Round your time to the nearest quarter hour, i.e., .25, .50, .75
  2. At the end of your shift or when you take a meal break, enter your time in hours/minutes am/pm in the “Out” box.
  3. Your time report should be updated and saved with specific hours worked after each shift.
  4. At the end of the pay period (20th of each month) the completed time report should be printed and signed by you and your supervisor and delivered to SES.
  5. If you deliver your time report to Student Employment Services, it must be in a sealed envelope with the supervisorís signature across the seal.
Receipt of Pay Checks:

Students will be paid the last business day of the month. All paychecks and paystubs (direct deposit) are mailed the day before payday (unless the student chooses to sign up for iPay and direct deposit choosing to go paperless). If students would like to make sure they get their pay on payday, students should sign up for direct deposit. Please contact Student Employment for more information.

Payroll Issues

  • If you feel that your paycheck is incorrect, please contact Student Employment Services to resolve the situation.
  • You may request a replacement paycheck from Student Employment Services.† After verification that the check is still outstanding, Payroll Services will issue you a new check.† The process takes about 7 days.
  • Should you terminate your position please complete a timesheet immediately and submit it to your supervisor.