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Student Employment Orientation

  1. Expectations for RCC Student Employees
    Student Employee Orientation reviews the rights and responsibilities of student employees. The orientation also explains the Federal, state and college policies and procedures regarding student employment.
  2. Safety Awareness
    Our goal is to increase safety and health awareness throughout the college. On this site is information concerning Bloodborne Pathogens along with the required test.  Student employees are required to take this test upon employment and each new academic year thereafter.
  3. Safety Awareness Tests

    Read the information section then select the link to open the test. Complete the test then close the window and proceed to the next section.

    1. Hazard Communication Information
    2. Bloodborne Pathogens Information
  4. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
    Maintaining confidentiality of student records is the responsibility of everyone at RCC with access to student records, including faculty, staff, and student workers. This tutorial is designed to help you better understand the law governing the confidentiality of student education records by providing you with answers to commonly asked questions.

Students rely on the college to protect their privacy, federal privacy law (FERPA) requires it.