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Electronics Technology

Electronics Technology Careers

Where can you find electronics careers?


As an Electronic Technician you'll assist in the calibration, production, repair, and maintenance of a wide variety of electronic equipment. You'll inspect all the parts of an electronic system for problems, from its tiniest components to its operation as a whole. Electronic equipment you'll work on might include radar and navigation equipment, broadcast and recording systems, or computer software.

You may work independently or as a member of a problem solving team and also assist electronic engineers and technologists. You may supervise craftspeople (contractors) and provide technical support to customers and clients. Electronic engineering technicians may work for many different types of employers, including manufacturers, government, utilities, or communications companies.

Career Opportunities in Electronics

Microprocessor/Microcontroller, Cell phone/Communication, Navigation, Robotics, Audio/Video, Industrial, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Automation, Automotive, Computer Support, Biomedical, Security, Instrumentation, and Lasers.

RCC graduates with an AAS degree in Electronics Technology have over an 85 percent success rate finding careers in the electronics field.  In addition to graduating with a two-year degree, RCC electronics students take an industry-standardized test (ISCET) that illustrates to employers entry-level proficiencies in analog, digital, and troubleshooting techniques in the electronics area.

Dave McKeen with Electronics studentLocal companies that hire RCC graduates include:

  • All Trax, Inc.
  • Asante
  • Ascentron, Inc.
  • Brammo Electric Motorcycles
  • Diode Laser Concepts
  • Hach Ultra Analytics, Inc.
  • Kathrein Scala Antennas
  • Lighthouse, Inc.
  • Linx Technologies
  • Met One Instruments
  • MV Pro Audio
  • QWest
  • Radio Design Group, Inc.
  • Southern Oregon
  • University
  • Wagner Electronics 

Job Income Projections

Overall employment of electronic technicians and related occupations is expected to continue to increase through 2020.  Competitive pressures will force companies to improve and update manufacturing facilities and product designs, resulting in more jobs for electronics technicians.

Median Salaries for Electric/Electronics Technician I:  $39,998 w/benefits. *Industry trend salary retrieved from www.collegegrad.com

RCC Electronics Graduates average starting wages were $15.60 to $21.50 per hour for 2016-2017.  Data tracking of former RCC graduates document an average yearly salary of $49,250.  The majority of the employers also pay for continuing education in the field.

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