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Student Project Showcase - 2018

Alex Hansen and Norberto Estrada Sound Effects Processor

Alex Hansen and Norberto Estrada
Sound Effects Processor

The hardware chosen was intended to straddle both professional audio and gamer quality. The switches and potentiometers were specifically chosen among others for their tactile response and reliable operation. The octave switch was meant for a guitar as a pickup selector, and has needed some slight modifications to work properly for our application. The whole idea for using so many flip flops is simple, for one, they’re very cheap and available, but they also allow greater flexibility in terms of experimentation and design. For latter iterations, we will likely consider using counter chips that are essentially multiple flip flop chips prewired in a package to save costs and time. However, in the meantime we preferred being able to keep track of each stage using a more modular design to try new ideas if they arose.  The oscillator is perhaps the most unique aspect of this project, instead of using a premade oscillator chip that is designed to make one to three waveshapes, we opted for a custom design using a demultiplexer to allow the greatest possible waveshape.

Alex Hansen is now working for Johnson Control HVAC in Portland as an Electronics/Electrical Technician.

Daniel Craig and Blake Bigham's Door Lock

Daniel Craig and Blake Bigham
Door Lock

This is a door lock system that uses a LCD and keypad as an interface for a user, and can have the password be customized by an admin via an interrupt button. When a user is at the locked door the LCD prompts the user to enter the password via the keypad. The user has four attempts to enter the password before they are locked out, and then the board has to be reset by the admin.

Daniel Craig will transfer to the Oregon Tech Embedded Systems CSET Program in fall 2019 and Blake Bigham works at Rogue Valley Micro Devices.

Jeff Haaskinson's Watering System

Jeff Haaskinson
Watering System

The project objective is to control a sprinkler irrigation system. An Atmega32 IC will be used for the timing circuits and interfacing with the IO. The system is designed to only operate in the dark and will have a moisture sensor to detect when irrigation should occur.

Jordan Guitterrez Trash Can

Jordan Guitterrez
Trash Can

This project used the analog-to-digital conversion system to determine how full a typical trash can was and if it needed to be emptied. There are three levels of sensors and a “plunger” system was the mechanical system used to indicate what level of empty the can was at during the day.  A green light indicates the trash can is empty to a quarter full. Between quarter to half-full the yellow indicator light goes on; and the final stage where the trash can is full the red indicator light turns on and indicates the trash needs to be taken out and dumped.

Jordan Gutierrez is now a Test-Technician at Met One.

Josh Hulce's smarter space heater

Josh Hulce
Smarter Space Heater

The goal of this project is to use a microcontroller to add fan/heat control as well as countdown timer functionality to a common space heater. This project will not majorly modify the heater itself, this is simply adding a control module to the heater and placing relays inline to control the fan and heater coils. The timer will be run entirely inside the microcontroller and turn on/off the relays to turn the heater on/off according to the timer running out. The remaining time will display on an LED array.

Josh Hulce is now a Test Technician Giga Labs.

Matt Parsons and Brian Paul's Motion Sensor Alarm System

Matt Parsons and Brian Paul
Motion Sensor Alarm System

This alarm system uses a passive infrared sensor to detect motion.  The Atmega 32 is programmed to turn on a light emitting diode (LED) when the sensor detects motion and turn off when idle. This system could be used in a variety of settings as a notification device.

Matt Parson works at PeaceHealth as a Biomedical Technician and Brian Paul is a Test-Technician at Met One.

Richard Minton Stethoscope

Richard Minton

This project is an Electronic Stethoscope. A microphone will be inserted into a stethoscope tube and then used to capture a heart-beat signal. This signal will be fed into a micro-controller to process and then produce a led flash in sync with the heart-beat as well as keep a current record of heart-beats per minute and display those results on an LCD. It will not, however, be designed to reproduce an audio signal.

Richard Minton is a Test Technician at Erickson Air Crane.

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