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Student Project Showcase - 2016

Donna and Shannons 3-D cube project

Donna & Shannon's 3-D Cube Project:

Designed a 5 x 5 x 7 LED matrix cube that was programmed with an Atmega32 to turn on the columns and layers to display various patterns for entertainment purposes. This project can be expanded to a large matrix in addition to the following other applications:

  1. Tracking room availability for hotels, conferences, classrooms, etc.
  2. Monitoring employees locations for safety purposes in case of evacuation is required.
  3. Visual alarm system incorporated with sound.

Donna is transferring to OT this summer into either the hardware or embedded program after completing her 2 year degree in Electronics. 

Shannon is working with Dave to find a good fit in industry.

Key Code Entry Team members Peter and Brandon

Peter & Brandon's Key Code Entry Project

These two students are completing their CWE at Lynx Technologies and MetOne respectively.  Peter is currently working with engineers at Lynx on a new wireless communication protocol called Threading where multiple devices in residential and commercial applications will be able to communicate and work together on control.  The company is hopeful that their design will be the first to be approved for actualization this year.

The Key Code Entry project asks for input from the keypad and if the code is correct the LCD will display correct code entered.  If the code is incorrect it will cycle back for another input code.

This project can be expanded to include:

  1. Actuating a door, ATM machine for cash, window, etc.
  2. Lock out user when too many wrong codes are entered.
  3. Send off an alarm or call police if entry is obtained, etc.

Peter now works for Lynx Technologies, and Brandon is working at CareStream.

Motor Controller Project Cody

Cody's Motor Controller Project

This was Cody's first interfacing project and it was an eye-opener to the process of prototyping, development, and documentation.  He went above and beyond the requirements for the documentation for this class and had his project bound.

There are three sensors that drive the inputs on the microcontroller to control the position and rate of speed for the stepper motors.  Each motor is programmed to turn approximately 90 degrees before the next one turns on.  Simulating what a printing press roller may be asked to do when paper is transferred between the rollers.  The LCD is used to display position.  

He used the two new 4-Channel Mixed Oscillscopes and Logic Analyzers to demonstrate the code working on the Atmega32.

Project can be expanded by:

  1. More or less motors based on conveyor system.
  2. DIY CNC machine controlling the X-Y-Z axis for printing or routing
  3. The list is actually fairly endless on this one as well as the types of sensors to use with it.
Cody will be starting at OT this summer in the 3rd C++ class for the Embedded Engineering Transfer Degree.  Cody has just been hired at AllTrax as an Engineer, and they are working with Cody's school schedule so he can continue with his Embedded Engineering Degree.

PSI Monitor System: Richard

Richard's PSI Monitor System

This project is using a different controller called an Ardunino Nano (actually a clone of it) and a MAP sensor to monitor
the PSI level in a system.  Richard developed a test jig and used a bicycle pump to increase the pressure in a sealed container while the controller monitored the level.  

The LCD should the level of PSI in numeric level as well as in a graphic display as it increased or decreased.  Above a certain level the display started flashing to warn the user that the PSI level was above an acceptable level.

This project will be installed in his vehicle to monitor a Diesel VW engine performance.

Richard will be working with over the summer to finish up the 2 year degree in Electronics and then he's not sure... I think right now its sleep depravation from being a new Dad (healthy baby boy & Mom).

Suspension Control:  Team - Tyler & Carl

Tyler & Carl's Suspension Control Project

Carl is an avid 4 x 4 off-roader and grew up in a machine shop.  Tyler is already working in industry as a technician and they decided to combine their effort to develop a system that controls the height of the suspension in a vehicle.

The vehicle has air-bags instead of springs for suspension height.  The controller will be used to adjust the height of the suspension on all four axises independently.  The controller is programmed with preset values and the ability to adjust the level and store the new value in EEPROM.  An LCD is used to display settings and ask for input.  There are buttons for adjustment and display.

Carl is not sure what his plans are at this point.  He has finished the 2 year degree in Electronics but wants to incorporate all that he has learned and done in the machine shop.

Tyler will be finishing up his 2 year degree next year and he's hoping for more responsibility and/or vertical movement in the company.

Check it out in action!

Auto-Pot Project: Hunter
Auto-Pot Project:  Hunter

Hunter's Auto-Pot project

This project is a self-contained watering system for indoor plants.  It monitors the soil dryness and turns on a pump to water the plants.  There is also sensors in the reservoir to monitor the level of water in the container and warn when the level is low or at cutoff and the pump will shutoff.

The microcontroller is programmed to turn on the pump and to sense the level of water level and send out signals to turn on 1 of 3 LEDs to alert the individual about current condition.

Further ideas for design:

  1. Add an LCD to display current levels and conditions.
  2. Add additional sensors and pumps for more plants.
  3. Manufacture various pot and reservoir containers to accept the monitoring and pump equipment.  Including package for microcontroller with portable power supply.
Hunter is completing is 2 year degree in Electronics and has not decided his plans yet.

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