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Adult Basic Skills

For more information or help
please contact:

ABS Main Phone

ABE/GED® Jackson County
[email protected]

ABE/GED® Josephine County
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Concurrent Enrollment Program

College + ESL or GED® Simultaneously

Take college courses with support while completing your GED® or studying English, and RCC will pay for them!

To be eligible, you must:

  • Be a current Adult Basic Skills student
  • Complete an interest form by the end of the 7th week of the term prior to the term in which you would like to take your college class(es)
  • Be recommended by your current ABS instructor based on classwork, attendance and participation
  • GED® score "Likely to Pass" on the relevant GED Ready Practice Test
  • ESL students score a 236 on the ESL CASAS and successfully complete a relevant ABS class in English with other English-speaking students
  • Not yet eligible to receive federal financial aid (FAFSA)
  • Be approved for admission to our Concurrent Enrollment Program by our screening committee of lead instructors.

Once Admitted to our Concurrent Enrollment Program:

  • You will get to choose to take up to 8 credits worth of college courses. RCC will pay your college course tuition/fees andallow you to check-out required textbooks at the RCC library. You will only be responsible for the $65 ABS term fee. This is a savings of about $1,000!
  • You will take a support course with built-in tutoring and question-and-answer time that will complement your college course(s)
  • In certain circumstances, you will be allowed to bypass prerequisite courses to get ahead on your college certificate/degree
  • If you are interested in a short-term certificate program, such as Nursing Assistant 1, we may be able to fund up to $2,000 of the program. Please reach out to Britta Walker with your plans, and options can be discussed.
  • STEP participants get priority registration, a stipend of up to $200 for purchasing required textbooks/materials and up to 4 additional college credits (up to 12 total) paid for by RCC. 

For more information, please contact:
Britta Walker, Concurrent Enrollment Program Coordinator
[email protected], 541-956-7156

College Courses Offered Through Concurrent Enrollment Spring Term 2023

Pathway Courses*

applied Technology pathway

EET101 – Introduction to Electronics (3 credits)
MEC102 – Mechanical Fabrication (3 credits)
MEC103 – Industrial Safety (1 credit)
MET101 – Mechanical Drafting (3 credits)
MET121 – Autodesk Inventor I (CAD) (3 credits)
MTH63 – Applied Algebra I (4 credits)
WLD101 – Welding Fundamentals I (3 credits)
WLD104 – Blueprint Reading (3 credits)

Business pathway

BA101 – Introduction to Business (4 credits)
BT101 – Human Relations in Organizations (3 credits)
BT113 – Business English (4 credits)

art, humanities, communication pathway

ART131 – Introduction to Drawing (Value) (3 credits)
CG100 – College Success and Survival (2 credits)
CG147 – Career Decision Making (1 credit)

health professions and public safety pathway

AH100 – Medical Terminology (3 credits)
BI100 – Biology of Human Body Systems (3 credits)
CG155 – Exploring Careers in Healthcare (3 credits)
ES105 – Introduction to Emergency Services (4 credits)
HE252 – First Aid/CPR - Basic Life Support (3 credits)

social and behavioral science, education pathway

PSY101 – Psychology of Human Relations (3 credits)
ECE125 – Early Childhood Development (3 credits)

STEM pathway

CIS120 – Concepts in Computing I (2 credits)
MTH60 + Math Marvels – Fundamentals of Algebra I + Non-Credit Support Lab (4 credits)
MTH65 – Fundamentals of Algebra II (4 credits)
MTH95 – Intermediate Algebra (4 credits)
MTH243 + MTH243R – Probability & Statistics + Corequisite Support  (4 + 1 credits)

*Please see the Schedule of Classes on our website for detailed course descriptions and meeting times/locations.

Short-Term Certificate Program Costs Covered Through Concurrent Enrollment

Nursing Assistant I (CNA)

You can complete this certificate free of charge if you are accepted into our Concurrent Enrollment Program.  We cannot pay for required vaccinations, but most health insurance plans cover these costs.

Commercial Truck Driving

Up to $2,000.

Do you have interest in other short-term certificate programs?

If so, we may be able to fund part or all of the program for you through Concurrent Enrollment.  Please contact Britta Walker and she can assist you in determining whether your program of interest qualifies.

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For more information or help
please contact:

ABS Main Phone

ABE/GED® Jackson County
[email protected]

ABE/GED® Josephine County
[email protected]