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Benefits of Online Learning

Considering an Online Course? Learn what to expect.

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Faculty Testimonial

In all my CIS courses, we are using MindTap through Cengage. MindTap allows students access to virtual servers, routers and switches just as if they were on an actual network. Each student has $10,000 in equipment at their finger tips to learn the material in a live virtual environment. The other cool thing, with a $179 Cengage Unlimited, account students get one year of access to all Cengage textbooks and MindTap learning environments.

I am in Zoom Monday to Thursday 11am to 3pm for open labs. Students are welcome to join me for one-on-one help with their lab work.

Jeremy Taylor, CIS Chair and Faculty Advisor
[email protected]

According to research by the PEW Institute, here are the top 13 reasons (in order) why people choose online learning:

Go to college on your own terms. Earn a 2-year degree in business, get that transfer degree to the university, or advance your education. Stay home, safe and casual, study on your schedule, save money, and transform your life.

Flexible and convenient. Some classes don't meet at a scheduled times. You learn in a way that fits your life.

Student centered. With online learning at RCC, you can re-watch videos and presentations, review notes, and go through other online resources anytime you want. It's all about you! And you get advising and other student services online, too!

Better communication. Chat rooms and online forums make it easier for you to network with students in the class and improve your results.

Teacher accessibility. You don't have to wait for office hours to ask your instructor a question. They are available through the learning app (BlackBoard) and by email. And you get the bonus of earning your degree online combined with RCC nearby - for library, computer labs, in-person advising - all the support you need!

1. Course Flexibility
Many people participate in online courses because of the flexibility they provide. Online college degrees and programs make it possible for students to work during the day and complete their studies from home at night. Those who spend a lot of time traveling due to work can also complete their education in their spare time. Additionally, many students enjoy taking online courses since they can complete their work at a time that is convenient for them and do not have to sit through long class lectures.

2. Earn Degree While Working
Online colleges are especially convenient for you if you need to earn a professional certificate and cannot quit your job.

3. Student-Centered Curriculum
Since online education is known for its student-centered curriculum, learning online is an ideal means for those who learn best through digital platforms.

4. Unlimited Access to the Material
Students can also re-watch lecture videos, review notes, and go through other online resources anytime they wish. This way, if a concept is unclear, students can review it at their convenience.

5. Improved Online Communication
Students taking online courses are also able to participate in classroom discussions in chat rooms or online forums. This is helpful for students who may be too shy, unable to share an opinion because of time restraints, or have verbal or hearing disabilities while attending classes in a traditional classroom.
Online courses make it possible for all students to participate in discussions. Students are also required to correspond with their teachers and other students via email, which helps students to improve their communication skills.

6. Equal Participation Opportunities
In traditional classroom settings, there are often students who dominate discussions. As a result, many students do not feel they have the opportunity to participate. Students enrolled in online courses have equal opportunities to participate.

7. Open Learning Geography
Online education is also a great option for students who do not live near a college or university or do not live near a school that offers the course or degree they want. Students taking online courses can also take classes from teachers around the country and the world. As a result, student and instructor options are not limited by geography.

8. Improved Computer Skills
Students taking online courses will improve their computer skills and knowledge because of the online learning format. As these skills and knowledge are so important in the professional world, students can greatly benefit as they look for jobs.

9. Grow Professional Network and Friendship
Often students are permitted to discuss non-class related topics and list personal information about themselves in chat forums. As a result, many students make new friends and get to know their peers better.

10. Teacher Accessibility
Teachers supervising or teaching online courses are also more accessible. Students can ask questions or discuss concerns via email instead of having to wait until a teacher’s office hours, which may not suit students’ schedules.

11. Online Education Materials (Not Bulky Books)
Students enrolled in online courses will also have the advantage of having a variety of educational materials that can be accessed anytime. As a result, students don’t have to carry heavy books around everywhere they go or wait until an item they need is returned to the library.

12. Online Colleges Are Comparable to Traditional Colleges
Three-fourths of American universities and colleges provide students the opportunity to enroll in online courses. Online degrees are increasingly carrying the same weight as traditional degrees. Learn more about the perceptions of attending an online college vs a traditional college.

13. More Convenient Group Meetings
Whenever student projects are assigned in traditional classrooms, it can be difficult coordinating a time and location all members of the group can meet together. However, it can be easier for students participating in online courses to work in groups since they usually discuss their project online in an online discussion forum.