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  • Search for COMM201COMM201 4 credits

    Media and Society

    Introduces the study of mass communication, exploring such areas as media theory, ethics, media production, content, and societal impact.
    Prerequisite: WR121 or designated placement test score.

  • Search for COMM225COMM225 4 credits

    Small Group Communication and Problem-solving

    Examines the nature of communication in a group or team context. Students will learn about individual and group roles, methods of negotiation and problem-solving, leadership, and the evolving nature of groups in business and society.
    Prerequisite: RD90 or designated placement test score.
    Corequisite: WR121

  • Search for COMM237COMM237 4 credits

    Communication and Gender

    Examines communication similarities and differences as related to gender and sex. More specifically, this class explores the relationship between one’s sex, sexual preference, and gender identity with cultural and social expectations towards the creation and management of meaning. Gender issues to be explored include the dimensions of power, cultural and social values, language use, nonverbal communication, conflict resolution, and romance. Fulfills cultural literacy requirement within the AAOT degree.
    Prerequisite: SP100 or SP111 or SP218.

  • Search for COMM270COMM270 3 credits

    Argumentation and Debate

    Encourages students to analyze, respond to, and refute the arguments of others while backing their own claims with solid logic and reasoning. Public speaking skills are stressed and required as part of this course.
    Prerequisite: SP100 or SP111.

  • Search for COMM299COMM299 1 to 4 credits

    Special Studies in Communication

    Covers a specialized area of communication in a given area of communication such as interpersonal, mass media, or organizational communication.
    Prerequisite: WR115 or BT113, or designated placement test score.