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Automotive Technology

  • Search for AM111AM111 7 credits

    Electricity for Automotive Technicians

    Introduces the fundamentals of basic electricity and the use of electrical service and testing equipment. Provides instruction in all phases of starting and charging systems. Emphasis is on hand-held instruments and basic trouble-shooting techniques. Course required for all entering Automotive Technology students (may be waived for equivalent work experience and ASE Electrical Systems certification).
    Prerequisites: AM120 and AM122.

  • Search for AM120AM120 6 credits

    Automotive Maintenance Practices

    Introduces basic mechanical shop safety and industrial practices, professionalism and ethics, shop tools and equipment use, and basic automotive maintenance. Course or equivalent work experience required of all entering Automotive Technology students.
    Prerequisites: MTH20 and WR90 or WR91, or designated placement test scores.

  • Search for AM122AM122 7 credits

    Gasoline Engines Rebuild

    Reviews theory and construction of various gasoline internal combustion engines and how to rebuild, service, inspect, and repair them.
    Prerequisites: MTH20 and BT113 or WR115, or designated placement test scores.

  • Search for AM131AM131 7 credits

    Engine Dynamics and Diagnosis

    Provides students with basic engine performance skills. Topics covered are basic and electronic ignition systems, basic fuel systems, oscilloscope diagnosis, emissions systems, infrared diagnosis, and mechanical diagnosis.
    Prerequisite: AM120 or AM122.

  • Search for AM141AM141 6 credits

    Manual Transmissions and Transaxles

    Covers theory of operation, maintenance, diagnosis, and repair of manual transmissions and transaxles, clutches, drive axles, and four-wheel and all-wheel drive systems.
    Prerequisites: AM111 and AM120.

  • Search for AM151AM151 6 credits

    Automotive Brake Systems

    Covers the principles of brake operation, function, and design as well as troubleshooting, overhauling, repairing, and servicing of automotive brake systems.
    Prerequisites: AM111 and AM120.

  • Search for AM160AM160 6 credits

    Automotive Suspension and Steering Systems

    Focuses on the diagnosis and repair of major under-car components and wheel alignment. Topics covered are suspension and steering systems as well as front- and rear-wheel alignment.
    Prerequisites: AM111 and AM120.

  • Search for AM190AM190 4 credits

    Automotive Repair Lab I

    Provides live work experience in all aspects of repair expected of entry-level line technicians. Includes basic engine performance, diagnosis and repair of engines, chassis, power trains, and basic electrical systems. Primarily designed for first-year students or those with appropriate skill levels.
    Prerequisites: AM111 and AM120.

  • Search for AM199AM199 1 to 8 credits

    Selected Topic Workshop

    Focuses study in a variety of mechanical technology topics to fulfill specific educational goals.
    Prerequisites: AM111 and AM120 and a declared major in the Automotive Technology program.

  • Search for AM210AM210 3 credits

    Mechanical Careers Development

    Acquaints students with industry expectations related to professionalism. Includes effective employee/employer relations, and job search skills. Course designed for second-year students.
    Prerequisites: AM111 and AM120.

  • Search for AM232AM232 7 credits

    Computerized Engine Management Systems

    Provides students with computer-managed engine performance skills. Topics covered are computer engine control systems, fuel injection, turbo-charging, and the use of sophisticated electronic test equipment to diagnose problems in these systems.
    Prerequisite: AM131.

  • Search for AM233AM233 7 credits

    Advanced Automotive Computer Systems

    Topics include OBDII systems, network computer systems, airbag system diagnosis, anti-lock brake diagnosis, electronic instrument clusters, security systems, and various other automotive computer systems.
    Prerequisite: AM232.

  • Search for AM242AM242 7 credits

    Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles

    Covers theory of operation, diagnosis, maintenance, and repair of automotive automatic transmissions and transaxles.
    Prerequisite: AM141.

  • Search for AM252AM252 4 credits

    Advanced Diagnostic Lab

    Applies basic electronic theories and concepts to advanced diagnosis and repair of modern microprocessor-controlled automobile systems. A review of basic electrical fundamentals moves rapidly into more advanced electronic devices and circuits. This course can be modified day-to-day in order to review prior course content. Designed for second year students in their final term.
    Prerequisites: AM111 and AM232 and AM233.

  • Search for AM270AM270 5 credits

    Air Conditioning for Automotive Technicians

    Covers vehicle automotive air conditioning systems theory and operation. Uses industry identified skills for diagnosis, repair, and servicing of R12 and R134A systems. Also covers government regulations in the safe handling of refrigerants.
    Prerequisites: AM111 and AM120.

  • Search for AM280AM280 Variable credit

    Cooperative Work Experience/Automotive

    Cooperative Work Experience is an educational program that enables students to receive academic credit for on-the-job, experiential learning based on skills acquired in their programs. Together, the instructor, employer, and student establish learning objectives that specify the significant and appropriate learning which is expected to result from the work experience. This course offers a career-related experience for students working for an approved employer. As a capstone course, it should be completed within the last two terms of a certificate or degree program.
    Prerequisite: Student must be an Automotive Technology major and make arrangements with the department prior to enrolling in this course.

  • Search for AM290AM290 4 credits

    Automotive Repair Lab II

    Continues building skills, knowledge, and work habits related to all types of automotive repair work performed in the industry. Course is for second-year students or can be taken in place of cooperative work experience.
    Prerequisite: AM190 or completion of 3 credits of AM280.