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RCC 2021-22 Catalog

Academic Success and Adult Basic Skills

Academic Success

Instruction and tutoring in basic academics are available to students enrolled in credit courses. Academic Success classes prepare students for post-secondary coursework and successful participation in the job market; tutoring provides one-on-one help and guidance in basic academics and is available in person and online.

Credit classes

Courses are offered in basic reading to prepare students for college-level courses.
Students must go through the placement process to determine their academic levels before enrolling. Some Academic Success classes also may be required for certain career and technical programs.

NOTE: A student may receive federal and/or state financial aid for a maximum of 45 attempted developmental education credits (see the RCC Satisfactory Academic Progress policy for a definition of “developmental education” credits). A student who is receiving financial aid and who enrolls in necessary developmental education credits beyond 45 must notify the RCC Financial Aid Office in writing so that aid may be adjusted to reflect only eligible enrollment. Notification should be given to Financial Aid Advising on any RCC campus.

Adult Basic Skills (ABS)

  • Riverside Campus Learning Center,
    Student Success Center Building, Medford
  • Illinois Valley Learning Center, Kerby Belt Bldg., Kerby
  • Redwood Campus Learning Center, K Building, Grants Pass
    Learning Resource Center, Table Rock Campus, White City

Students who need to learn basic reading, writing and math skills, prepare for GED® exams, learn English, or prepare for college placement tests may receive assistance through basic skills programs. There is a nominal charge for services. Eligible students can earn free college credit while studying with the ABS program. New and returning Adult Basic Skills students should call a learning center in their area to schedule an ABS orientation. In addition, employers who want to provide basic skills training for their workers may contract for services that are designed especially for their work sites. Call one of the centers listed above for more information.

Adult Basic Skills classes
Adults who need to learn basic reading, writing and math skills may attend classes tailored for their needs or participate in guided study in a learning center with assistance from qualified instructors. Students also may use the RCC ABS learning centers for basic skills review prior to taking the college placement test.
Assessments are required during orientation to place students into the correct level of English Language Acquisition or Adult Basic Education/GED® courses or guided study programs.

General Educational Development (GED®)

Students who are 16 years of age and older, and who do not have a high school diploma, may prepare to take the General Education Development (GED®) exam in English or in Spanish.

GED® preparation courses and guided study in English is available at all campuses.

GED® preparation in Spanish is available in a classroom setting at the Riverside Campus Learning Center, G Building.

Students who are 16 or 17 years of age must present an exemption from compulsory education from the school district in which they live before enrolling. Students who are home schooled under the auspices of the Southern Oregon Education Service District and who are 16 or 17 years of age must present a notification of home school enrollment letter and a referral for instruction.

The four-part GED® examination covers social studies, science, language arts and mathematics.

GED® Testing

  • Redwood Campus GED examinations, Grants Pass
  • Table Rock Campus GED examinations, White City

The GED® exam is computer-based. Candidates register, schedule, and pay online at or by calling 877-392-6433. Four tests comprise the GED® battery. The cost is $38 per test and free vouchers are available for RCC students as budget allows. GED® testing is available in White City at the Table Rock Campus and in Grants Pass at the Redwood Campus. For an explanation of other requirements, visit the GED® website at

English Language Acquisition (ELA)

  • Riverside Campus Learning Center,
    Student Success Center Building, Medford, 541-956-7374
  • Redwood Campus Learning Center, K Building, Grants Pass, 541-956-7253

Students learn to speak, read, write and comprehend spoken English in ELA classes. They also learn to use computers and educational software with the help of qualified instructors.

Services for employers

Basic Skills and ELA classes can be adapted to the specific needs of employers and their employees. The Adult Basic Skills and the Customized Training departments at RCC contract with employers to satisfy their needs, design curriculum, and provide instruction. Classes can be held at the employer or employee work site or at one of the RCC campuses.

Habilidades Básicas para Adultos (ABS)

  • Riverside Campus Learning Center,
    Student Success Center Building, Medford, 541-956-7374
  • Illinois Valley Learning Center, Kerby Belt
    Bldg., Kerby, 541-956-7455
  • Redwood Campus Learning Center, K
    Building, Grants Pass, 541-956-7253
  • Learning Resource Center, Table Rock
    Campus, White City, 541-956-7374

Clases de Habilidades Básicas para Adultos (ABS)

Los adultos que necesitan aprender habilidades básicas de lectura básica, escritura y matemáticas, pueden asistir a clases adaptadas para sus necesidades o pueden participar en estudios guiados en un centro de aprendizaje con la ayuda de instructores calificados. Los estudiantes también pueden usar los centros de aprendizaje de RCC ABS para revisar sus habilidades básicas antes de tomar la prueba de nivel (placement test).

Se requieren evaluaciones durante la orientación, para colocar a los estudiantes en los niveles apropiados de las clases de Adquisisión de Lenguage de Inglés (ELA) o clases de Educación Básica para Adultos /GED (ABE/GED) o programas de estudio guiados.

Educación General Desarrollo (GED®) en español

Los estudiantes que tengan 16 años o sean mayores y que no tengan un diploma de la escuela preparatoria, pueden prepararse para tomar el examen de GED® en Inglés o en Español.

Las clases de GED® cuestan $65 por término o trimestre. Las clases de preparación para el GED® y el estudio guiado en inglés están disponibles en todos los campus.

La preparación para el GED® en español está disponible en un ambiente de aula en el campus de Riverside, en el Learning Center, Edificio G.

Los estudiantes que tienen 16 ó 17 años de edad deberán presentar una exención de la educación obligatoria del distrito escolar en el que viven antes de inscribirse.
Los estudiantes que reciben la educación en su casa, bajo los auspicios de Servicios Educativos del Distrito de Southern Oregon y que tienen 16 o 17 años de edad, deben presentar una notificación acerca de la instrucción educativa en su hogar y una referencia de instrucción.

Las cuatro partes del examen de GED® cubren las habilidades estudios sociales, ciencias, artes del lenguaje y matemáticas.

Exámen de GED®

  • Redwood Campus GED® Examiner, Grants Pass
  • Table Rock Campus, GED® Examiner, White City

El examen de GED® ahora es en la computadora. Los candidatos se registran, programan y pagan en línea en la página de internet de: o también pueden llamar al 1-877-392-6433.

El exámen consiste de cuatro pruebas en total. El costo por examen es de $38 por cada prueba.

El exámen de GED® está disponible en:

  • White City en el campus de Table Rock
  • Grants Pass en el campus de Redwood.

Para una explicación de otros requisitos visite la página de internet del GED®:

Adquisición del idioma inglés (ELA)

  • Riverside Campus Learning Center,
    Student Success Center Building, Medford
  • Redwood Campus Learning Center, K Building, Grants Pass

Las clases de Adquisición del Lenguaje de Inglés (ELA) tienen un costo de $65 por término. Los estudiantes aprenden a hablar, leer, escribir y comprender inglés hablado en las clases de ELA. Los estudiantes también aprenden a usar las computadoras y software educativo con la ayuda de instructores calificados.

Servicios para Empleadores

Las clases de Habilidades Básicas (ABS) y las clases de Adquisición del Lenguaje de Inglés (ELA) pueden ser adaptadas a las necesidades específicas de los empleadores y sus empleados. El programa de Habilidades Básicas para Adultos (ABS) de RCC y el Departamento de Entrenamiento Personalizado en RCC hacen un contrato con empleadores para satisfacer sus necesidades, diseñar un currículo, y proporcionar instrucción. Las clases pueden ser llevadas a cabo en el lugar de trabajo del empleador o del empleado, o en uno de los campus de RCC.

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Guided Pathways


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