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The Campus Assessment Response, and Evaluation for Students (CARES) Team is a safe place to make referrals about a student you are concerned for.

The CARES Team Mission

To be a proactive team that provides support to students who are struggling and/or exhibiting concerning behavior. The CARES Team is designed to help students, staff, and to further the mission of RCC.

The CARES Team has three main purposes at Rogue Community College:

  • i. To be a multi-disciplinary team designed to coordinate a proactive approach to students experiencing behavioral concerns. Purposeful, educational, and coordinated response and intervention will be aimed at helping students achieve success.
  • ii. To provide a venue for triaging student needs that may be impacting their education. Through established community and campus partnerships the CARES Team can connect students with existing resources to try and address needs such as food, housing, mental health support, and transportation. The CARES Team will also coordinate early response to concerning or disruptive behaviors before they become a conduct issue which may impact a student’s ability to access their education.
  • iii. To serve as an easily accessible venue for staff and faculty of RCC to report concerns they have about a student.

The CARES Team is committed to balancing the dual priorities of RCC to promote student access, wellness, and success with campus safety and security, so information may be shared with appropriate parties.