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The online bookstore is here to support the college’s mission of enhancing the quality of life by providing accessible educational opportunities for student success and economic development through by offering affordable textbooks, digital course materials, and course supplies for students.

  • RCC has partnered with Ambassador, an outside vendor, that opens for ordering textbooks, and other course materials, 4 weeks prior to the start of each term and remains open for approximately six weeks into the term.
  • The online bookstore is for registered students who have an RCC student ID and have completed the online course registration.
  • The RCC online bookstore is for registered students who have an RCC student ID and have completed the online course registration.
  • Only financial aid students who are expected to have aid in excess of tuition and fees, or have agency vouchers, will have funds in their bookstore account to charge against. All other students will need to pay with a credit card.
  • Some basic school supplies are available through a vending machine on all three campuses.

Textbook and Materials

  • New students will be able to access the bookstore approximately one hour after they register for classes.
  • Students gain access to the Online Bookstore using the same username and password as their RCC student email accounts and RCC Blackboard account.
    1. Go to the Rogue Bookstore/Ambassador
    2. Click the "Log In" button
    3. Your username is your RCC student email. Need email support? Visit the Computer Lab FAQs page.
    4. Click "Next"
    5. Enter your password. If you have never logged into the Online RCC Bookstore, Blackboard or your RCC student email account, please log into myRogue for your default password information.
    6. Click "Sign In"
    7. If asked to Stay Signed In? choose either Yes or No—doesn’t matter which
    8. You should now be signed in to the bookstore
    9. The courses you are registered for will be pre-selected – click 'continue' at the bottom of the page to see the materials specific to your courses. You are also able to search by course number to review required materials for courses you have not yet registered for.

For additional bookstore information, please visit Ambassador's FAQ page at or contact them directly.

RCC Apparel

  • Show your team spirit by wearing RCC apparel. RCC has "Wear it Wednesday" where staff and students support the RCC community and our sports teams by wearing RCC apparel and gear.
  • The apparel store is open year-round online

Bookstore Schedule (Winter/Spring 2023)

Ordering Opens
Charging Starts
Charging Ends
Ordering Closes









Faculty Support

RCC online Bookstore uses RODA/BookAt to collect adoptions. (more info coming soon) An email from the Campus Bookstore will be sent the third week of the term to the department submitters with specific courses that have been received by the RCC scheduler and have two weeks to make their final adoption in order to have adequate time for reviewing and submitting.

There are several ways faculty can serve students in the adoption process:

  • Submit adoptions on time. Late adoptions or changes to already approved adoptions can result in additional costs to students and significant charges to a department.
  • When the bookstore opens check your courses on the bookstore site to confirm the correct course, section number, and materials are listed.
  • Open Educational Resources (OER) is an affordable option for students and a consistent way for faculty to keep the same course materials without having to upgrade to the next edition. Please contact the library to find these resources which can be available in print or as a link that can be provided in Blackboard.