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The ownership of any materials or processes developed solely by a Rogue Community College employee’s individual effort and expense

shall vest in and be copyrighted or patented in the name of the employee.

The ownership of materials or processes produced solely for the college and at college expense shall vest in the college and be copyrighted or patented, if at all, in its name.

In those instances where materials or processes are produced by an employee with college support, by way of use of significant personnel time, facilities, or other college resources, the ownership of the materials or processes shall vest in (and be copyrighted or patented by, if at all) the person designated by written agreement between the parties entered into prior to the production. The employee shall give prompt notice to the college about the material, process, product, or invention after first becoming aware that he or she was going to undertake the development of the same, or upon becoming aware that he or she had in fact developed the same, whichever shall first occur. At this time the college and employee shall bargain in good faith in accordance with board policy, to reach a written agreement establishing the ownership and/or distribution of royalties. In the event that no such agreement can be reached, ownership and/or distribution of royalties shall be determined through the grievance procedures and, failing that, will be open to a court of competent jurisdiction.

An employee shall not require students to purchase textbooks for the sale of which the employee receives any royalties. If such textbook is approved by the president or designated for use at the college, the royalties derived from the sale should be available for student scholarships and student loans.

The college will establish, through collective bargaining, a provision for determining the ownership of publications, inventions, copyrights, and patents, which may be developed by college employees.

Previous Policy No.: 4232.1
Amended: November 15, 1978
Amended: March 16, 1983
Approved: June 14, 1997