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Eastern Oregon University
Fire Services Administration
Degree: Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts

Required Courses

University RequirementRCC EquivalencyCredits
Introduction to Fire Protection FRP 254 Introduction to Fire Protection 
Major Emergency Tactics and Strategy No RCC Equivalency 
Fundamentals of Fire Prevention FRP 262 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention 
Building Construction for Fire Suppression FRP 264 Building Construction for Fire Suppression 
Fire Department Leadership FRP 249 Fire Service Leadership 
Fire Protection Systems and Extinguishers FRP 272 Fixed Systems and Extinguishers 
Fire Codes and Ordinances FRP 282 Introduction to Codes and Related Ordinances 
Firefighters Law No RCC Equivalency  
Public Relations/Information Education FRP 238 Public Education, Relations and Information 
Fire Departments Budgets No RCC Equivalency  

The BS requires completion with a C- or better of college-level math at the 100 level or above.
The BA requires 2 years of a single foreign language.
Both degrees require demonstrated computer literacy (word processing and data processing or spreadsheet). Note: One FSA Advanced Institute— SSC 407, Management Information Systems—will fulfill this requirement.
EOU requires that all degree candidates complete a Writing Proficiency Exam and two EOU Writing Intensive courses.

Additional Requirements:
These courses or their equivalents must have been completed before admission to EOU's FSA degree program. An approved fire science degree that includes these courses or topics will also be accepted. (Under certain circumstances, the FSA Degree Program Director may waive or partially waive a fire science requirement.)

NOTE: University requirements may change without notice. Students are responsible for working with RCC advisers or counselors and their transfer institution to ensure the accuracy of their academic plan.

Web Sites:
College Website
Major Website
Transfer Equivalency Website

Updated 1/23/15