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Eastern Oregon University
Liberal Studies
Degree: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Required Courses

University RequirementRCC EquivalencyCredits
MTH 105,111,112,113,211,212 or 213 MTH 105,111,112,113,211,212 or 213 
CS 101 or higher CS 120 w/lab 

The Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies (LS) provides students the opportunity to devise a personalized program of study in an interdisciplinary approach relevant to their life experiences and career goals. Students combine two areas of study into one interdisciplinary degree program. Students select one of the following program options:

1) A Pre-Approved Liberal Studies Program.
a. Business & Health Promotion
b. Business & Psychology
c. Early Childhood Education
d. Environmental Studies
e. Gender Studies/Business
f. General Science
g. Small City and Rural County Management

2) Two EOU Minors (In most cases, these must be selected from separate program fields. Two minors from Physical Activity & Health may not be used to form a Liberal Studies major. The minor may also not be selected from an “endorsement” area).

3) One Minor from EOU with One Minor from another accredited institution;

4) Individualized Program combining two subject fields.

Students work directly with faculty in the disciplines they choose. they should consult with their advisers as early as possible to obtain program approval and to achieve timely completion of general education, language, and other degree requirements.

EOU minors currently available via Distance Education include Anthropology/Sociology, Biology, Business, Economics, English - (Literature/Film Emphasis only), Gender Studies, Geography, Health Studies, History, Interdisciplinary Writing and Rhetoric, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Spanish.

Additional Requirements:
1. Complete Eastern Oregon University's General Education and institutional requirements for BA or BS degree.

2. Complete a minimum of 180 credits with the following limits: a) At least 60 upper division credits; b) No more than 45 credits of practicum; c) No more than 90 credits in a single subject area for the BS or 75 for the BA.

3. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.00 in both of the following: a) Cumulative; b) Eastern Oregon University.

4. Students completing a major in Liberal Studies do so by satisfying the requirements described below:

A) Students must have an approved program plan which a) describes the educational or career goals which the Liberal Studies major is intended to meet; b) identifies the courses and other educational experiences that make up the curriculum which the student believes are appropriate to those goals; and c) justifies the curriculum in terms of the student's educational or career goals.

B) All majors in Liberal Studies include a program of study made up of sixty (60) credits or more drawn from two or more of the subject fields.

C) The 60 credit hour program of study has the following requirements and restrictions:

(a) 18 credits, exclusive of practicum, (of which 9 or more must be upper division) in each of two subject fields for a total of 36 credits.

(b) A minimum of 36 upper division credits (which may include the credits required above) of which: two courses must be writing intensive; and no more than 5 credits may be practicum.

(c) An approved capstone experience which draws together and applies what the student has learned in the program of study. For students pursuing PRE- APPROVED PROGRAMS, the capstone is described in the program.

(d) Complete the functional computer literacy requirement either as described in the PRE-APPROVED PROGRAM or in a way appropriate to the student's program and approved by the student's advisor.

(e) No course with a grade of less that C- or its equivalent may be counted toward the sixty credit hour Liberal Studies major.

(f) Courses graded on an S/U basis may not be applied to the Liberal Studies major unless they have been designated as S/U only courses.

D) Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science Degree must complete any college-level mathematics course (courses numbered 100 or above) (PRE-APPROVED PROGRAMS specify the appropriate mathematics course) approved by their Liberal Studies advisor. (*)

(*) Students who have completed an approved Oregon Transfer Associate of Arts degree have satisfied this requirement.

NOTE: University requirements may change without notice. Students are responsible for working with RCC advisors or counselors and their transfer institution to ensure the accuracy of their academic plan.

Web Sites:
College Website
Transfer Equivalency Website

Updated 1/23/15