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Portland State University
Business Administration
Degree: Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Required Courses

University RequirementRCC EquivalencyCredits
BA 101 Introduction to Business BA 101 Introduction to Business 
BA 205 Business Communications Using Technology BA 205 Solving Communication Problems with Technology or
BA 214 Business Communications & BA 131 Introduction to Business Computing 
BA 211 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
BA 213 Decision Making with Accounting Information
BA 211 Financial Accounting I
BA 212 Financial Accounting II
BA 213 Managerial Accounting
EC 201 Microeconomics
EC 202 Macroeconomics
ECON 201 Microeconomics
ECON 202 Macroeconomics
SP 220 Public Speaking SP 111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 
STAT 243 Statistics I MTH 243 Probability & Statistics 
STAT 244 Statistics II  No RCC equivalency.  
WR 121 English Composition or UNST 101, 102, and 103  WR 121 English Composition 
CS 106 Computing Fundamentals II  No RCC equivalency.  

Formal admission into the SBA is required. The following requirements must be fulfilled prior to applying for admission to the School of Business Administration:

1. Be formally admitted to PSU.

2. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 for all transfer credits, all
PSU graded credits, and all PSU graded business credits.

3. Completed each of the courses under 'required courses' with a grade of at least C- or higher. These courses are referred to as Conceptual Tools Courses in the SBA.

4. The School of Business Administration offers the following options:
Accounting, Finance, General Management, Human Resource Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Advertising Management, Supply and Logistics Management.

As of Fall 2014:
1. Students will be granted automatic admission by opting in to the SBA upon
admission to PSU, regardless of courses completed or GPA. All students who meet the PSU requirements for admission will meet the requirements for SBA admission.
a. Students will need to maintain good academic standing according to the
School of Business Retention Policy for all courses at PSU (2.50 PSU GPA
and 2.50 SBA GPA at PSU).
b. Students will still need the “pre-business” classes as prerequisites for upper level business courses, they are simply no longer admission requirements.

2. Computer Science (CS) 106 – Computing Fundamentals II – will no longer be a requirement for all students using the Fall 2014 PSU Bulletin/catalog requirements. Students using an earlier bulletin/catalog who have not yet completed CS 106 should speak to their academic advisor in the School of Business at PSU to determine whether they may be able to graduate without CS 106.

Additional Requirements:
1. Accounting majors must also take: Phl 202 Ethics, PS 201 and 202 U.S. Government and 3 credits of Anthropology, Psychology or Sociology.

2. Students transferring with the AAOT or ASOT have completed all lower-division general education requirements. However, students will be required to complete the University Studies requirements. This is a general education program that is specific only to PSU, and the courses required are based upon the number of transfer credits. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with a PSU adviser in the Community College Relations Office.

3. To be admitted as a transfer student, resident applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.00 in 30 quarter credits of transferable college work from a regionally accredited institution.

NOTE: University requirements may change without notice. Students are responsible for working with RCC advisers or counselors and their transfer institution to ensure the accuracy of their academic plan.

Web Sites:
College Website
Major Website
General Education Website

Updated 8/26/15