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Portland State University
Elementary Education
Degree: Master of Education

Required Courses

University RequirementRCC EquivalencyCredits
MTH 211, 212 Foundations of Elem Math MTH 211, 212, 213 Fundamentals of Elem Math I, II, III 15 
PSY 311 Human Development PSY 215 Life Span Human Development 
MUS 381 Music Fundamentals No RCC equivalency but may take and pass exam to meet requirements.  
WR 121 College Writing or UNST 101, 102 & 103 and Sophomore Inquiry WR 121, 122 English Composition 

Recommended Courses

University RequirementRCC EquivalentCredits
8 credits of Literature Suggestion: Choose any two, ENG 104, 105 or 106 Introduction to Literature (Fiction, Drama, Poetry) 
Music course MUS 105 Music Appreciation 
Art course ART 115, 116 or 117 Basic Design I, II, III 
SP 220 Public Speaking SP 111 Fundamentals of Public Speaking 
HST 201& 202 U.S. History (upper division U.S. history may be substituted) HST 201, 202 History of the United States I, II 
PSY 200 Psychology as a Natural Science & PSY 204 Psychology as a Social Science PSY 201 & 202 General Psychology I, II 
BI 101, 102, & 103 General Biology with labs or G 201, 202, & 203 Geology with labs BI 211, 212 & 213 General Biology I, II, III or G 101, 102& 103 Physical Geology I, II & Historical Geology 12 
CS 105 Computing Fundamentals CS120 Concepts in Computing 
Economics course Econ 115 Intro to Economics
Econ 201 Principles of Microeconomics
Econ 202 Principles of Macroeconomics 
Geography 2 courses from the following:
Geog 210 Physical Geography, Geog 230 Environment and Society: Global Perspectives, Geog 332 Urban Geography, Geog 346 World Population and Food Supply, Geog 348 Cultural Ecology, or Geog 350 Geography of World Affairs 
RCC Equivalency  
PS 101 American Government PS 201 U.S. Government 
SOC 200 Introduction to Sociology SOC 204 General Sociology 
WS 101 Introduction to Women's Studies No RCC equivalency  

The Elementary Education Program at PSU is graduate level only. For advising on an undergraduate major contact the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at 503-725-3822 -It is recommended to take the CBEST at the end of your 1st year.
This is a graduate program. A bachelor's degree is required for application to this program. Students who don't have a degree normally select their major from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Above is a list of recommended courses. Students are not necessarily expected to take all the courses. Students with good preparation in mathematics and the sciences are highly competitive in the admission process. The recommended courses are just a sample of the range of coursework.
It is recommended to take the MSAT at the end of your 2nd year.

Additional Requirements:
To see how you will transfer into PSU's University Studies program, refer to the General Education link. We highly encourage you to talk with a RCC Academic Advisor to learn more about meeting PSU's general education and bachelor degree requirements.

NOTE: University requirements may change without notice. Students are responsible for working with RCC advisors or counselors and their transfer institution to ensure the accuracy of their academic plan.

Web Sites:
College Website
Major Website
General Education Website

Updated 8/26/15