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Telephone Features


  • By pressing the SPKR button you activate the speaker telephone feature.
  • When the handset is down, you are ready to answer a telephone call.


  • To transfer a call to another extension, press the XFER/CONF. button while you have a caller on the line.
  • Enter the extension you would like the caller transferred to.
  • Wait for the line to ring and hang up or stay on the line and for a three-way conference call. To prevent calls from ringing while you are on a conference calls do the following: #8 5555 to forward all so messages can be left in your voice mailbox.
  • To transfer a call directly into a mailbox, press the XFER/CONF. button, this will place your call on hold and return you to a dial tone.
  • Dial 4 and then the desired extension number
  • Wait for the recipient's voicemail message to start and hang up.

Loop 1 & Loop 2

  • Incoming calls will flash your Loop 1 button. If you are on the phone using Loop 1, your second call will flash on Loop 2.
  • You can put your Loop 1 call on hold and pick up your Loop 2 call.

Call Park

This feature allows you to park a call at one station (telephone) and pick it up at another. To use this feature:

  • Press the Call Park button when you are on the phone with a caller
  • Remember to take note of what extension you parked the call
  • To retrieve that call from another phone, press the Call Park button
  • Enter the extension number of the telephone where the call was parked.

MIC Mute or Microphone Mute

This feature will mute your voice from either the handset or the speaker phone (you will hear the caller but the caller will not hear you.)

  • Press the MIC Mute button. To deactivate, press the button again.

Do Not Disturb

Do not disturb does not allow calls to go to voicemail as call forward all does (see above under conference calls). To set DND, #145 #11 and to remove it, #145 #10.


To redial the last outside number that you dialed, press the * (star) button twice.


Pressing this button will initiate a speaker telephone call between two extensions. To use:

  • Press the Intercom button before or after you dial the extension.


When you receive or make a call, you can place that call on hold by pressing the Hold button. Press it again to retrieve the call.

Programming Your Telephone

How to program you personal speed dial numbers:

  • Lift the handset or leave it down
  • Dial # 1 9 3 on your telephone
  • Dial a speed dial access code number (chose a number between 1000 and 1019)
  • Dial 8 plus the telephone number you want stored under the number you just entered
  • Hang up
  • Write telephone number and name next to the corresponding last two digits of the speed
    dial number on the pull out tab on the bottom of your telephone.