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Community Development for a Sustainable Future (focus award)

The Community Development for a Sustainable Future Focus Award (6 classes, 21-24 credits) will provide you with the knowledge, skills and experiences that will allow you to play a vital role in developing and strengthening your community for the 21st century. Diversity and sustainability are issues that present us with great challenges as well as incredible opportunities to create strong, thriving communities that meet the needs of their members and the environment.

Community development is studied holistically, including:

Living sustainably

How people can live sustainably in their own locales

Learning leadership

Learning leadership and communication skills

Utilizing diversity
Utilizing diversity

How to effectively utilize the diversity inherent in American communities

The CDSF focus award is not a formal degree or certificate and it does not get listed on transcripts. So, why pursue it?

  • To gain skills to help your community
  • For signed RCC documentation that you completed the CDSF focus award
  • It is a great addition to a resume
  • It may help you earn scholarships
  • The faculty advisor will write recommendation letters for those who complete it
  • For students transferring to Southern Oregon University, completing the CDSF focus award will be excellent preparation for earning SOU's Sustainable Leadership Certificate
  • If you’re planning to major in Business at SOU you can earn an Associate of Science Degree, along with the CDSF focus award, that is articulated with the School of Business at Southern Oregon University. This allows you to transfer to SOU with all lower-division general education and academic major requirements completed. This is a great way to get a jump on your bachelor’s degree!

If you are planning to pursue the CDSF focus award, or, if you just want to learn more about it, please contact:

Erika Giesen
Higher Education Center Room 201-J