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Thank you for your interest in attending Rogue Community College while you are still in high school or under the age of 18.

Admission for Spring Term 2019 is closed, but you may still get admitted for Summer Term 2019.

For questions about the Admission process, please contact the RCC Admission Office via e-mail at To submit documents via fax send them to 541-245-7648.

Office Locations
  • Riverside Campus G Bldg - 117 S Central Ave, Medford OR
  • Redwood Campus SS Bldg - 3345 Redwood Hwy, Grants Pass OR
  • Table Rock Campus West Entrance RM 187 - 7800 Pacific Ave, White City OR


If you are taking a class taught by your high school teacher, you have a two-step online process to sign up for your COLLEGE NOW class. COLLEGE NOW classes are free.

Step 1.) Obtain your RCC ID (If you do not already have an RCC ID account, use the "Get Admitted" button above. Check with your high schoool's RCC liaison if you are not sure if you already have an account.)

Step 2.) Register with permission code provided by your instructor (typically distributed on a registration flyer they will hand you). To do this, you will need to log into your myRogue account from the home page (Current Students link at the top of the page), and then select "Register with permission code."


Step 1. Discuss your Interest with your High School’s RCC Liaison 

  • Is my RCC course of interest appropriate? Do I meet the course prerequisites
  • Can the RCC course apply to a high school diploma?
  • Is my timing right?
  • Will my high school pay for the course? Books? Will my high school tell RCC I will be picking up the books or will a high school staff member do so?

Step 2. Apply for Admission/Obtain your RCC ID# by clicking the "Get Admitted" button above.  Students may already have an RCC ID#; check with your liaison or contact Rogue Central at (541-245-7501). Optional: Student completes RCC interest form if student wants help from an RCC Admission Coach.

Step 3. Complete the RCC Placement Process offered at your high school or RCC

Step 4. Register for classes. Log in to your myRogue account and select “Register for classes”. Check with your high school to ensure 3rd party billing form voucher is submitted each term of participation by the first day of the term. Sample completed voucher

Advising note: check your myRogue “Program Planner” to see if you have an advising hold. If you do, contact Advising. You may also e-mail your advisor through your myRogue program planner. Advising appointment phone numbers: 541-245-7552 (Riverside Medford Campus) or 541-956-7192 (Redwood Grants Pass campus)

Step 5. Students are required to take an online New Student Orientation (NSO) before starting classes at RCC. Log into myRogue and select New Student Orientation

You will also need to complete online sexual harassment and discrimination training modules. These modules will be e-mailed to you.

Printable Checklist Flyers of this process
Click here for a list of participating high schools


Students who do not have a high school diploma or GED®, must complete some additional steps before they are eligible to register for classes. Carefully review the options in Step 1.

Step 1) Click Get Admitted and complete admission application
If you are currently:

Being Homeschooled

You must provide a Letter of Verification from your local Educational Service District (ESD) to one of the Rogue Central offices. Letters are not required for summer term enrollment at RCC. If you have completed high school equivalency through home school, you must submit a Home School Administrators Declaration of Completion.

Attending RCC and not pursuing a high school diploma or GED®

You must provide a "Release from Compulsory Education" form from your high school or a Letter of Verification from your local Educational Service District (ESD) to Rogue Central.

Seeking a GED®

The ABE/GED® Department manages all aspects of their admissions process. Contact and general information can be accessed at the ABE/GED® website.

Step 2) Take the College Placement Test

College placement testing will determine the enrollment in all reading, writing, and math classes and the majority of our credited general education classes. SAT scores may be used in lieu of college placement scores if the scores are over 470 in math and 500 in writing. ALL prerequisites are listed under each class description in the RCC Catalog and term Schedule. Testing schedule may be accessed upon completion of the admissions application by logging into your myRogue account.

Step 3) Optional Registration Assistance Lab
Receive assistance with registration and ask an Advisor your questions about attending RCC.

Step 4) Registration
All students under the age of 18 must submit an Underage Enrollment form, signed by you and your parent to Rogue Central. At that time, you will either be released to register yourself online or a Rogue Central Specialist will register you. Please have your courses selected at this time.

Step 5) Provide Additional Documentation
Submit your documentation to a campus Rogue Central office (in person, by e-mail, or fax).