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Department Bldg. Name & E-mail Ph. # Ext.  Mailbox 
Nursing (ADN)     Dean of Academic Affairs, Health and Public Service      
Nursing (ADN)     Dean of Academic Affairs, Health and Public Service, Assistant to the      
Nursing (ADN)     Vice President, Assistant to the      
Nursing (ADN)     Cole, Sandra (Adjunct Faculty - Nursing)      
Nursing (ADN)     Vice President, Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer (CAO)      
Nursing (ADN)     Arriola, Megan (Adjunct Faculty - Nursing)      
Nursing (ADN)     White, Eston (Adjunct Faculty - Nursing)      
Nursing (ADN)     Hale, Aina (Adjunct Faculty - Nursing)      
Nursing (ADN)     Perry, Sadie (Adjunct Faculty - Nursing)      
Nursing (ADN)     Parker (formerly Colton), Lauren (Adjunct Faculty- Nursing)       TRC-HPC
Nursing (ADN)     Nursing (ADN) Department Chair (See Nursing Department Chair)      
Nursing (ADN)     See Practical Nursing for LPN      
Nursing (ADN)     Registered Nurse (RN) courses (Nursing degree)      
Nursing (ADN)     McNally, Maureen (Adjunct Faculty)      
Nursing (ADN)     TB Testing (Tuberculosis) at the Jackson County Health Department      
Nursing (ADN)     TB Testing (Tuberculosis) at the Josephine County Health Department      
Nursing (ADN)  TRC-C  Vining, Sarah (Faculty - Nursing)  541-956-7202  7202 TRC-HPC
Nursing (ADN)  TRC-C 117  Brewer, Margaret (Faculty - Nursing)  541-956-7205  7205 TRC-HPC
Nursing (ADN)  TRC-C 121  Reagan, Iris (Faculty - Nursing)  541-956-7210  7210
Nursing (ADN)  TRC-C  VanBuren, Suzanne (Faculty - Nursing)  541-956-7257  7257 TRC-HPC
Nursing (ADN)  TRC-C 114  Weast, Melissa (Support Services Specialist IV, Academic Affairs Nursing (RN and PN))  541-956-7308  7308 TRC-HPC
Nursing (ADN)     Naumes, Sue (Adjunct Faculty - Nursing)  541-956-7308  7308
Nursing (ADN)  TRC-C  Health Sciences Reasoning Test (HSRT)  541-956-7308  7308
Nursing (ADN)  TRC-C  Nursing (ADN), Main Office- Email [email protected]  541-956-7308  7308

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