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Department Bldg. Name & E-mail Ph. # Ext.  Mailbox 
Apprenticeship  TRC-A 152  Anderson, Andrea (Andie) (Director, Apprenticeship)  541-956-7184  7184
Apprenticeship     Baker, Johnny (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)       TRC-MR135
Apprenticeship     Baumer, Christopher (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)      
Apprenticeship  TRC-A 159  Bender, Katelyn (Program Support Specialist, Apprenticeship)  541-956-7186  7186 TRC-MR135
Apprenticeship  TRC-A 140  Berg, Glenn (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)       TRC-MR135
Apprenticeship     Bohn, Larry (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)      
Apprenticeship     Buckland, Steven (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)      
Apprenticeship     Cox, Michael (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)      
Apprenticeship     Dooly, Robert (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)      
Apprenticeship  TRC-A 123b  Droesch, Peter (Adjunct Faculty)      
Apprenticeship     Evans, Michael      
Apprenticeship     Freeman, Justa (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)      
Apprenticeship     Gulrich, Paul (Adjunct Faculty)      
Apprenticeship     Hansen, Corey (Adjunct Faculty)       TRC-MR135
Apprenticeship     Henderson, Duane (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)      
Apprenticeship     Hobbs, David (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)      
Apprenticeship  TRC-A  Morris, Cody (Program Support Specialist, Apprenticeship)  541-956-7110   
Apprenticeship     Raber, Travis (Adjunct Faculty)       TRC-MR135
Apprenticeship     Smith, Joshua (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)      
Apprenticeship     Swanson, Daniel (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)      
Apprenticeship     Westensee, Richard (Adjunct Faculty)       TRC-MR135
Apprenticeship     Winfrey, Jeffrey (Adjunct Faculty - Apprenticeship)      
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Airframe & power-plant technician apprenticeship      
Apprenticeship  RCC (all of RCC)  Apprenticeship class payment, charges, refunds, Main office  541-956-7184   
Apprenticeship  TRC-A 152  Apprenticeship, Main Office  541-956-7184  7184
Apprenticeship  RCC (all of RCC)  Apprenticeship, Main Office email  541-956-7184  7184
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Boiler operator      
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Construction trades general apprenticeship      
Apprenticeship     Dean of Academic Affairs, Science & Applied Technology      
Apprenticeship     Dean of Academic Affairs, Science & Applied Technology, Assistant to the      
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Electric motor winder      
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Electrician apprenticeship      
Apprenticeship  TRC-A 149  FAX, Apprenticeship      
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Heating, Ventilating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC/R)      
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Industrial mechanics and maintenance apprenticeship      
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Limited Maintenance Electricians (LME) apprenticeship      
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Mechanical maintenance apprenticeship      
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Millwright      
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Plumber      
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Sheet metal worker      
Apprenticeship  Web (Online)  Tool & die makers      
Apprenticeship     Vice President, Student Learning and Success      
Apprenticeship     Vice President, Student Learning and Success, Assistant to the      

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