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Department Bldg. Name & E-mail Ph. # Ext.  Mailbox 
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Barr, Sadie (Adjunct Faculty - Yoga)      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Carlino, Steven (Adjunct Faculty - Health/PE/recreation)  541-761-1059    RWC-GYM
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Cox, Dominique (HPER Lab Tutor)      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  RWC-F (Ferris Building)  Dowell, Arlene (Administrative Assistant III, Instructional)  541-956-7140  7140 RWC-F
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  RVC-HEC 201  Jordan, Alice (Administrative Assistant III)  541-956-7461  7461 RVC-HEC 2
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Knighten, Michelle (Adjunct Faculty - Yoga)      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  RWC-U  Misner, Rhonda (Faculty - Health, PE, Recreation (HPER) Department Chair)  541-956-7206  7206 RWC-GYM
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Osborne, Travis (Faculty - Health, PE, Recreation (HPER))  541-659-8582    RWC-GYM
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Ostrowicki, Jeremy (Adjunct Faculty)       TRC-MR135
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Richards, Jennifer (Adjunct Faculty - Health, PE, Recreation (HPER))  541-956-7209  7209
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Scofield, Janelle (Adjunct Faculty)      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Tosh, Franklyn (Adjunct Faculty - CPR tutor)      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Backpacking      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Bowling      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Core and Cardio      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Cycling      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Dean of Academic Affairs, Health and Public Service, Assistant to the      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  RWC-U  FAX, Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  541-471-3542   
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  RWC-U  Gym  541-956-7209   
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  RWC-U  Gym Supervisor  541-956-7209   
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  RWC-U  Gym use for currently enrolled students and RCC employees  541-956-7206   
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  RCC (all of RCC)  Health and Exercise Science  541-956-7066   
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  TRC-A 167  Health/Physical Education/Recreation (HPER), Main Office  541-956-7461   
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  RWC-U  Health/Physical Education/Recreation (HPER), Main Office  541-956-7209   
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Interim Dean of Instruction, Health & Public Services      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Karate      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Lap Swimming      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  RCC (all of RCC)  Outdoor Adventure Leadership interest  541-956-7140  7140
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     PE (Physical Education) See HPER      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Physical Conditioning/ Weight Training      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Physical Education (PE) Department Chair (See Health, PE, Recreation dept)      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Recreation Department Chair (See Health, PE, Recreation dept)      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Rock Climbing      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  TRC-A 163  Showers for students by room TRC-A 163      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)  RWC-U  Showers for students in the RWC-U Gym  541-956-7209   
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Vice President, Student Learning and Success      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Vice President, Student Learning and Success, Assistant to the      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Volleyball      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Weight Equipment Use and Safety  541-956-7209   
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Wilderness Navigation      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Yoga      
Health/PE/Recreation (HPER)     Zumba      

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