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Department Bldg. Name & Email Ph. # Ext.  Mailbox 
Food Service  RVC-HEC  Daydream Café at the RCC/SOU Higher Education Center Medford @daydreamcafe  541-705-5712   
Food Service  RWC-Cafe/SC (Student Center)  Redwood Campus catering email Dan at [email protected]  541-956-7032   
Food Service  TRC-A 102  Self-Service Marketplace (Micro Market)      
Food Service  RWC-Cafe/SC (Student Center)  The Cafeteria, Main Office Grants Pass  541-956-7032  7032
Food Service  RWC-Cafe  The Cafeteria, Main Office email [email protected]  541-956-7032  7032
Food Service  RWC-S  Vending machines (Automotive) Snack Soda      
Food Service  TRC  Vending machines (Commons Student Entry) Snack Soda      
Food Service  RWC-Y  Vending machines (Electronics, Welding) Soda Snack      
Food Service  RWC-U  Vending machines (Gym) Water ONLY      
Food Service  RVC-HEC 2  Vending machines (HEC 2nd floor) Snack, Soda      
Food Service  RVC-HEC 301  Vending machines (HEC 3rd floor) Snack, Soda      
Food Service  RWC-B  Vending machines (Nursing) Snack Soda      
Food Service  RWC-JO  Vending machines (Outside Josephine) Snack Soda      
Food Service  RWC-R  Vending machines (Outside Rogue Auditorium) Soda      
Food Service  RVC-B 08 b (Student Success Center)  Vending machines (RVC-B) Snack, Soda      
Food Service  RWC-Cafe/SC (Student Center)  Vending machines (Student Center) Snack Soda      
Food Service  TRC  Vending machines (Tech Hallway) Snack      
Food Service  RWC-W Success Center  Vending machines (Wiseman) Soda Snack      

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