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Department Bldg. Name & Email Ph. # Ext.  Mailbox 
Financial Aid     Bridges, Brenda (Financial Aid Specialist)       RWC-L
Financial Aid  RWC-L  Crews, Amber (Financial Aid Advisor)  541-956-7018  7018 RWC-L
Financial Aid  RWC-L  Davis, Tonya (Financial Aid Specialist)       RWC-L
Financial Aid  TRC-A 187  Everett, Frankie (Director, Financial Aid)  541-956-7104  7104 TRC-WC
Financial Aid  TRC-A 187a  Jones, Jessica (Financial Aid Operations Coordinator)       TRC-WC
Financial Aid  RWC-RC (Rogue Central)  Kieffer, John (Financial Aid Advisor)  541-956-7376  7376 RWC-WC
Financial Aid  TRC-A 187  McCauley, Angel (Financial Aid Specialist)       TRC-WC
Financial Aid  RVC-HEC 102E  Passione, Rose (Financial Aid Advising Coordinator)  541-956-7141  7141 RVC-HEC 1
Financial Aid  TRC-A 185  Sakraida, Nicole (Dean, Enrollment Management)  541-956-7166  7166 TRC-WC
Financial Aid  RWC-L  Siddon, Alena (Financial Aid Specialist)       RWC-L
Financial Aid  RWC-RC (Rogue Central)  Tarrant, Lyndsay (Financial Aid Advisor)  541-956-7396  7396 TRC-WC
Financial Aid  TRC-A 187  Wright, Bernyne (Financial Aid Advisor)  541-956-7049  7049 TRC-WC
Financial Aid     College Dreams is now Project Youth+  541-476-8146   
Financial Aid  RWC-RC (Rogue Central)  FAX, Financial Aid  541-471-3585   
Financial Aid  RVC-B 08 b (Student Success Center)  Financial Aid, Main Office, RVC- Email [email protected]  541-956-7501  7501
Financial Aid  Grants Pass area  Financial Aid, Main Office, RWC- Email [email protected]  541-956-7501  7501
Financial Aid  TRC-A 187  Financial Aid, Main Office, TRC- Email [email protected]  541-956-7501  7501
Financial Aid     First Refund Disbursement Date  541-956-7501  7501
Financial Aid     Oregon Promise eligibility checker      
Financial Aid     Oregon Promise questions [email protected]      
Financial Aid     Salas-Gonzalez, Tanya  541-956-7183  7183 TRC-WC
Financial Aid     Student Loan  541-956-7501  7501
Financial Aid     Vice President, Student Learning and Success      

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