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Department Bldg. Name & E-mail Ph. # Ext.  Mailbox 
ROLEA  TRC  ROLEA (Reserve Officer Law Enforcement Academy)  541-956-7462  7462
ROLEA  TRC-A 114  Renfro, Richard (Faculty - Criminal Justice/ROLEA Coordinator)  541-956-7462  7462 TRC-MR135
ROLEA  TRC-A 117h  Friesen, Judith (Nadean) (Administrative Assistant, Instructional)  541-956-7415  7415 TRC-MR135
ROLEA  TRC-A 117  ROLEA Main Office  541-956-7415  7415
ROLEA  Medford area  Criminal Justice Interest  541-956-7305  7305
ROLEA     Dean of Academic Affairs, Health and Public Service, Assistant to the      
ROLEA     Interim Dean of Instruction, Health & Public Services      
ROLEA     Hirunpugdi, Brent (Adjunct Faculty - Criminal Justice/ROLEA, Program Specialist)      
ROLEA     Mannenbach, Robert (Adjunct Faculty - ROLEA)      
ROLEA     Vice President, Student Learning and Success, Assistant to the      
ROLEA     Vice President, Student Learning and Success      
ROLEA     Huddleston, Mark (Adjunct Faculty - Criminal Justice)       TRC-MR135
ROLEA     Heckert, Else (Adjunct Faculty - Criminal Justice)       TRC-MR135
ROLEA     Beck, Stacey (Adjunct Faculty - ROLEA)      
ROLEA     Sweeney, Thomas (Tom) (Adjunct Faculty - ROLEA)       TRC-MR135

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