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Department Bldg. Name & E-mail Ph. # Ext.  Mailbox 
Counseling  TRC  Barrey, Makiko (Faculty Counseling)  541-956-7216  7216 TRC-MR135
Counseling  RVC-HEC 101  Farrar, Alesha (Administrative Assistant III, Counseling)  541-956-7353  7353 RVC-HEC 1
Counseling  RWC-L 06  Fisher, Julia (Faculty Counseling)  541-956-7195  7195 RWC-WC
Counseling  RVC-B 22 (Student Success Center)  Gray, Michelle (Faculty Counseling)  541-956-7084  7084 RVC-B
Counseling  RWC-C  Hamlin, April (Dean, Student Success/Compliance & Deputy Title IX Coordinator)  541-956-7255  7255 RWC-C
Counseling  TRC-A 127k  Hart, Saundra (Options Supported Education Specialist)  541-956-7416  7416 TRC-MR135
Counseling  TRC-A 127j  Hohl, Shelly (Adjunct Faculty - Counseling)  541-956-7138  7138 TRC-MR135
Counseling  RWC-W Success Center  Main, Alethia (Allie) (Options Supported Education Specialist)  541-956-7197  7197
Counseling  TRC-A 189  Mannino, Danno (victim services advocate-Community Works)      
Counseling  RVC-B 23 (Student Success Center)  Mannino, Danno (victim services advocate-Community Works)      
Counseling  RWC-L  Mersino, Kristi (Adjunct Faculty - Counseling)  541-956-7003    RWC-L
Counseling  RVC-B 24 (Student Success Center)  Pike, Thomas (Tom) (Faculty Counseling)  541-956-7393    RVC-B
Counseling     Academic Suspension      
Counseling  RCC (all of RCC)  Counseling (All Campuses) Main Office-Email [email protected]  541-956-7443  7443
Counseling  RCC (all of RCC)  Counselors      
Counseling     Dean of Student Success      
Counseling     Dean of Student Success, Assistant to the      
Counseling     Department Chair      
Counseling  Medford area  FAX, Counseling      
Counseling     Human Development (HD classes), Main Office  541-956-7443  7443
Counseling     Vice President, Student Learning and Success      
Counseling  Medford area  Victim Services Advocate location & hours - Community Works      

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