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Department Bldg. Name & E-mail Ph. # Ext.  Mailbox 
Welding / Fabrication  TRC-A 178  Brooks, Paula (Assistant to the Dean, Academic Affairs- Art, Science, Tech, Health, Safety)  541-956-7305  7305 TRC-MR135
Welding / Fabrication  RWC-Y  Friesen, Michael (Faculty - Welding)  541-956-7243  7243 RWC-W
Welding / Fabrication  TRC-B 06  Giesbrecht, Todd (Faculty - Welding Department Chair)  541-956-7335  7335 TRC-MR135
Welding / Fabrication     Roseborough, Michael (Adjunct Faculty - Welding)      
Welding / Fabrication  TRC-B 06  Thomas, Charles (Chuck) (Adjunct Faculty - Drafting, Blueprint reading)  541-956-7336  7336 TRC-MR135
Welding / Fabrication     Aluminum Boat Welding  541-956-7335  7335 TRC-MR135
Welding / Fabrication     Dean of Academic Affairs, Science & Applied Technology      
Welding / Fabrication     Dean of Academic Affairs, Science & Applied Technology, Assistant to the      
Welding / Fabrication  RWC-L  FAX, Industrial Welding Technology  541-471-3586   
Welding / Fabrication  TRC-B 17  Industrial Welding Technology Lab      
Welding / Fabrication  RWC-Y  Industrial Welding Technology Lab  541-956-7243  7243
Welding / Fabrication     Industrial Welding Technology/ Fabrication, Main Office [email protected]  541-956-7305  7305
Welding / Fabrication     Vice President, Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer (CAO)      
Welding / Fabrication     Vice President, Assistant to the      

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