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Department Bldg. Name & E-mail Ph. # Ext.  Mailbox 
Science  RVC-HEC 301D  Rittenbach, James (Dusty) (Faculty - Science Department Chair)  541-956-7099  7099 RVC-HEC 3
Visual Arts and Design Department  RVC-HEC 301D  FAX, Art Department  541-774-1062   
Business Technology  RVC-HEC 301D  FAX, Business Technology  541-774-1062   
Computer Information Sciences  RVC-HEC 301D  FAX, Computer Science  541-774-1062   
Computer Labs  RVC-HEC 301D  FAX, Instructional Computing Services  541-774-1062   
Secretaries  RVC-HEC 301D  FAX, Instructional Secretaries  541-774-1062   
Mathematics  RVC-HEC 301D  FAX, Mathematics  541-774-1062   
Science  RVC-HEC 301D  FAX, Science  541-774-1062   

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