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Department Bldg. Name & E-mail Ph. # Ext.  Mailbox 
Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC)  RWC-L  Bame, Susan (Resource Coordinator)  541-956-7369  7369
Financial Aid  RWC-L  Bransfield, Logan (Financial Aid Advisor)  541-956-7183  7183 RWC-L
Veterans Services  RWC-L  Comer, Amanda (Veteran's Specialist - School Certifying Official (PT))  541-956-7177  7177 RWC-L
Financial Aid  RWC-L  Crews, Amber (Financial Aid Advisor)  541-956-7018  7018 RWC-L
Financial Aid  RWC-L  Davis, Tonya (Financial Aid Specialist)       RWC-L
Counseling  RWC-L  Graham, Shaylee (Adjunct Faculty - Counseling)  541-956-7225  7225 RWC-L
TRIO--SSS (Student Support Services)  RWC-L  Jenkins, Timothy (Data Management Specialist - University Transfer TRIO - SSS)  541-956-7093  7093 RWC-L
Student Affairs Administration  RWC-L  Johnson, Amy (Assistant to Dean, Student Success)  541-956-7316  7316 RWC-L
Student Success  RWC-L  Johnson, Amy (Assistant to Dean, Student Success)  541-956-7316  7316 RWC-L
Financial Aid  RWC-L  Kieffer, John (Financial Aid Advisor)  541-956-7376  7376 RWC-L
Student Life & Leadership  RWC-L  Kieffer, Nicole (Administrative Assistant, Student Success)  541-956-7324  7324 RWC-W
STEP (SNAP Training and Employment Program)  RWC-L  Reyes Arredondo, Abraham (Abe) (Administrative Assistant, STEP & Compliance)  541-956-7463  7463
Financial Aid  RWC-L  Siddon, Alena (Financial Aid Specialist)       RWC-L
Advising  RWC-L  Academic Advising Center (Grants Pass, Redwood Campus)  541-956-7192  7192
Locations  RWC-L  Advising Center (RWC-L)      
Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC)  RWC-L  Advocacy and Resource Center (ARC), Main Office  541-956-7369  7369
Associated Student Government (ASG) RCC  RWC-L  FAX, Associated Student Government of RCC (ASGRCC)  541-471-3586   
Curriculum and Scheduling  RWC-L  FAX, Curriculum/Scheduling  541-471-3586   
Electronics  RWC-L  FAX, Electronics  541-471-3586   
Welding / Fabrication  RWC-L  FAX, Industrial Welding Technology  541-471-3586   
Secretaries  RWC-L  FAX, Instructional Secretaries  541-471-3586   
TRIO--SSS (Student Support Services)  RWC-L  FAX, TRiO--SSS (Student Support Services)  541-956-7338   
Locations  RWC-L  Redwood Campus, Looking Glass building (RWC-L)      
TRIO--SSS (Student Support Services)  RWC-L  University Transfer TRiO--SSS (Student Support Services), Main Office  541-956-7342  7342

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