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Bowling (Fall 2022)

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Tu Th3:30PM-4:50PMROXY ANN LANESR. Misner
Fall 2022 lasts from Monday, September 19, 2022 to Friday, December 2, 2022
Teaches basic bowling skills as well as provides a foundation to more advanced skills and techniques for those who are ready and able. Through use of instructional videos, personalized coaching on and off the lanes, and feedback from fellow classmates and the instructor, students will achieve personal fitness goals while having fun and interacting with others. Upon completion of this course students will show an improvement in bowling techniques, develop an understanding of rules, verbiage and etiquette of the sport, and be able to watch and participate in the sport with greater ability and knowledge. Course is repeatable. Prerequisite: Sufficient physical ability to move on the lanes, lift a bowling ball, and throw it down the lane.
  • PE185BOW: Class meets at Roxy Ann Lanes Bowling Alley 2375 S Pacific Highway, Medford (Ph # 541 772-7272.) Students accounts will be charged an additional fee for use of Roxy Ann Bowl. Shoes and bowling balls are provided. For more information contact Ken Wilkenson at 541 761-1592 or Ms. Misner at 541 660-3970.
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