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Women and Weights: Weight Control and Strength Improvement (Fall 2022)

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Tu Th12:00PM-1:20PMRWC-GYMR. Misner
RWC, Redwood Campus, Grants Pass
Fall 2022 lasts from Monday, September 19, 2022 to Friday, December 2, 2022
Focuses on empowering women and men with the basics of weight training and various modes of fitness, with a special focus on the physiology of the woman's body. The benefits of safe, effective, and progressive strength training will be emphasized. Topics in the course will include enhanced strength, muscle tone, increased metabolism, enhanced energy levels and reduction of depression symptoms. Each week a new mode of fitness will be introduced or incorporated into a progressively expanding circuit of exercises. These circuit activities will rotate on a regular schedule. Every class will end with a cool-down, stretching, and relaxation. Short lecture sections will cover the benefits of exercise, proper breathing and execution of exercises, prevention and care of exercise related injuries, diet, physiology, major muscle groups and body terms, and information on related health issues. Course is repeatable.
  • HPER: Students should wear clothing that allows for full range of movement, and classes that are held in gym require non-marking shoes. Modest workout attire required, no short-shorts, tank or muscle shirts allowed.
  • HPER: Non-marking shoes are required in gym. Modest workout attire. No short-shorts, tank or muscle shirts allowed in the gym.
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