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Business English II (Summer 2021)

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Distance Learning (Web Courses)
Summer 2021 lasts from Monday, July 12, 2021 to Thursday, September 2, 2021
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Business English II increases student proficiency in writing clear, well-developed, well-organized, articulate business messages, with emphasis on advanced grammar application, proofreading, and business research. Teaches advanced grammar concepts, reinforcing knowledge of sentence structure, basic paragraph and essay development and organization, basic punctuation, verbal phrases, redundancies, consistency in verb tense, pronoun agreement, subject/predicate agreement, parallel structure, and advanced uses of punctuation. In addition to strengthening grammar skills, students will apply those skills to a second objective: developing proficiency in writing clear, detailed, and organized expository prose. Students will be given frequent practice in crafting a topic sentence or thesis, targeting an audience, developing a message, and persuading an audience. Additionally, students will gain research practice with APA citation format.
  • Web classes: Offered as a Web-based class over the Internet. Information about Web-based classes and required orientations can be found at All online teachers expect students to participate in the class by Wednesday of the first week of the term. Students not participating during the first week may be subject to administrative drop. Check the syllabus and course orientation for participation requirements. Students may be required to have a web cam and audio capabilities on their computer for online courses.
  • BT113
  •   or ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills Score: 70
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