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Electrical Control Systems and Sensors for Manufacturing (Spring 2021)

Course ID
M Tu W Th10:00AM-6:00PMWEB/LABS. Foster
TRC, Table Rock Campus, White City
Spring 2021 lasts from Monday, April 5, 2021 to Friday, June 18, 2021
Introduces the functions of relay logic control circuits used in industrial, commercial and residential applications. Describes functions and application of functions covered in control logic including logic elements such as AND, OR, NOT, NOR, and NAND. Ladder diagrams are explained and learners connect, operate, and design a ladder diagram using one or more logic elements. Additional concepts include electro-pneumatic solenoid valves; sequencing control including relay operation, relay application, limit switch operation and application; and timers and advanced systems including time-delay relays, multiple cylinder control, and machine modes of operation. Course teaches the operation of non-contact sensors and their applications in industry, such as sensing movement, detecting metal versus non-metal, and determining speed. The course covers sensors including inductive, capacitive, magnetic reed, hall-effect and photoelectric. Dual numbered as MEC115.
  • Hybrid Classes: This course will run in hybrid format with some course content delivered in person and some online. Specific schedules will be sent out to students on what sessions to attend prior to the class starting. Information about Web-based classes and required orientations can be found at
  • MTH60
  •   or MTH63
  •   or ACCUPLACER Elementary Algebra Score: 39
  •   or ACCUPLACER College Algebra Score: 39
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