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College Student Success and Survival


Course Description:

This course focuses on achieving positive outcomes in the academic environment by using the frameworks of teaching and learning style interactions, college systems understanding, and positive behavior and communication skills.  It introduces students to aspects of academic success centering on strategies for discipline and delivery of specific study habits, Web-based resources and tools, and study groups.

Credits: One lower division Transfer credit

Course Grading /Point System: HD100 College Student Success & Survival is graded A-F
Text: None. Materials will be handed out in class and accessed on the Web.

Course Grading /Point System:

Critical Thinking Log 80 points
College Success/Survival Essay 2-3 pages 100 points
Quizzes & Worksheets 100 points
Total Possible Points 280 points

Equal Opportunity:

Any student who believes s/he may need an academic accommodation For any disability such as vision, hearing, orthopedic, learning disabilities, Psychological or other medical conditions should make an appointment with the Disability Services office at RVC 1-541-245-7537, RWC 1-541-956-7337.