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Rogue Ambassadors

Volunteer Community Service

Volunteering/Service Learning

Rogue Ambassadors are looked upon as leaders and role models in class, on campus and within the community. Rogue Ambassadors are therefore required to complete a volunteer community service project each year within the program. Community service jobs must serve the RCC or greater community in some way and they cannot be paid positions. Community service positions can be either on or off-campus. Each student is responsible for finding their own placements, whether on-campus or off-campus. Please see your academic advisor to learn about resources available to you.

  • The volunteer community service component is a 60 hour commitment that must be completed each year a student receives the Rogue Ambassador scholarship (120 hours total).
  • First year Rogue Ambassadors must complete the 60 hour community service project by the end of spring term.
  • Second year Rogue Ambassadors must complete the 60 hour community service project by the end of winter term.

On-Campus process:

  1. Check for on-campus positions here
  2. Work with the RCC site supervisor to complete other forms and timecards as needed.
  3. Submit proof of completion of service to assigned academic advisor.

Off-Campus process:

  1. Complete the Off-Campus Volunteer Service Agreement.
  2. Complete the Liability Release Form.
  3. Off-campus sites must be pre-approved by your academic advisor.
  4. Community service supervisors will verify hours completed, by using the Completion of Volunteer Service form. Rogue Ambassadors must insure this form is completed and submitted to their academic advisor by the end of the term in which the service is completed.