Rogue Innovation Hub

What is the Rogue Innovation Hub?

A facility where people with shared interests and skills, can gather together to work on projects while sharing access to mentors, ideas, equipment, and technology in a supportive learning environment with:
  • Access to a wide variety of creative tools and technologies.
  • Flexible configurable creative workspaces.
  • Educational programs coordinated with RCC and other regional education partners
  • Open community access to programs, tools, and resources.

What Members of Our Community Will Rogue Innovation Hub Serve?

  • Students that may be interested in a science and technical education, or non-academic trades.
  • Unemployed community members seeking new careers.
  • Job seeking Veterans.
  • Adults of all ages seeking creative skills training.
  • Entrepreneurs and Makers.

How Does the Rogue Innovation Hub Meet the Needs of Our Community?

  • Our regional area is challenged by a number of economic and demographic factors that can be aided by providing facilities and resources to improve individuals’ skills and knowledge.
  • Alternatives to traditional college educated employment can help to retain our young people and provide new job and business opportunities to at risk members of our community including veterans, unemployed, low wage households, etc.
  • Training and resources are needed to meet the demand for critical trades and skills to support the development and maintenance of our community.

What is Needed to Make the Concept a Success?

  • Community Participation and Support.
  • Work Force / Job Demand Targeted Technologies and Programs.
  • Committed Host Organizations – RCC and City of Grants Pass.
  • Flexible Design Adaptable to Industry and Community Needs.
  • Partnerships and support from:
    • Government
    • Schools
    • Public Agencies
    • Private Industry

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