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Applying for Financial Aid STEP 2

If you’ve already completed your FAFSA on the Web application, you are now ready to proceed to STEP 2.

STEP 2: Respond to Correspondence

The FAFSA or ORSAA from STEP 1 is sent to RCC generally within a week of submission. RCC will promptly send you an email to confirm receipt and advise if any other documents are needed.

  • Review your processed FAFSA/ORSAA information (Student Aid Report). If it is correct, keep it for your records. If FAFSA/ORSAA corrections are necessary, you can make them online.
  • Read all communications received from the Financial Aid Office and provide all documentation requested as quickly and accurately as possible.

After you complete your FAFSA/ORSAA, along with any other documentation requested, your file will be reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The college may be required to document your tax information as part of the verification process.  This can easily be accomplished when you go into your FAFSA/ORSAA and request that the DRT (Data Retrieval Tool) be used to electronically link to the IRS and submit this information directly to RCC on your behalf.  You may also download a copy of your tax return transcript online. 

*NOTE: THE FILE REVIEW PROCESS AT RCC CAN TAKE 3 MONTHS (during peak processing times) from the date you submit all completed documentation. Be sure to respond to all inquiries with clear and detailed responses submitted in a timely manner:

Once all requested documentation has been received, you should receive a Financial Aid Award Offer.