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Mileage Rates

RCC Travel Policy

Class Daily Rate Weekly Rate
Compact $31.15 $152.75
Intermediate $33.04 $165.20
Full size $35.62 $178.10
Mini van $53.47 $267.35
SUV/Lg. SUV $54.51/$84.22 $272.55/$421.10
12-Passenger van* $100.42 $502.10
Cargo van $42.86 $214.30
  • These classes of cars are all that are allowed for use by RCC.
  • RCC's standard class use is Intermediate.
  • Liability insurance is provided under state contract and by RCC carrier. Do not take extra insurance.

*Please notify Enterprise at least 3-4 days prior to departure.

NOTE: Costs incurred for late vehicle returns will be charged to the department.

Please do not sign up for an Awards Program as it conflicts with the college's state contract.