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RCC Executive Team

The Executive Team (E-Team) is comprised of leadership staff representing all divisions who meet each month with the college president. These meetings are a collaboration focused on developing and executing long and short-term objectives in support of the strategic plan and college mission. Topics include student support and success, academic programs, accreditation, policies and procedures, budget and finance, facilities and capital management, and reviews the work of sub-committees, taskforces and teams.


The President’s Office reports regularly to the Board of Education and college community through routine oral and written reports, by email, press releases, open forums, scheduled meetings and through postings on the College’s website.

Meetings and Minutes:

Meetings are hybrid with the option for in-person on two campuses and digital access for remote participants. The President and his/her assistant work together to prepare and prioritize agendas. The President’s assistant prepares meeting minutes, secures final approval, distributes and maintains an inventory for the five-year state-mandated retention period. Current E-team Meeting Minutes can be found at the link.


E-Team includes the College President, who serves as chair, President's Assistant for Operations, vice presidents, academic deans and other key staff.