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RCC music student wins composition award

Jon HeynenRogue Community College student Jon Heynen has received first prize in the National Association of Composers/USA, southern Oregon chapter's annual student composition contest.

Heynen is the first student to complete Music Theory and Aural Skills, RCC's a six-term course for music majors. His composition, titled "Lament of Innocence," is written for trumpet, cello, and piano. Heynen, 19, will transfer next year to Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma to study music.

His composition will be premiered at the NACUSA spring concert May 26, along with "Sweetly She Rolls," a work for trumpet, cello, piano, and percussion by Ted Dollarhide, RCC Music Department chair. The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the United Congregational Church in Ashland. More information is available by calling 541-488-5506.

Heynen, who was homeschooled, completed high school in 2009. He originally planned to study business administration at RCC and took Music Theory and Aural Skills I as "a fun class." A piano player, he'd taken formal lesson five years but wanted to gain more music theory.

"I had no intention of majoring in music," Heynen said. "That first class was hard, but it became my most rewarding class. So I focused more on music and began looking at music as a career option," he explained.

"Dr. Dollarhide inspired me to pursue music because it's something I truly enjoy and want to be good at," Heynen added. "It didn't come naturally at first, but Dollarhide was willing to work with me and get me to where I wanted to be and beyond."

Heynen's goal is to pursue advanced degrees in music and become a composer and professor.

"The RCC music program is still in its infancy, but it's very good," he noted.

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