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Emmy HallEmmy Hall Earns RCC president's appreciation

As soon as she started taking a rock climbing class her first term at Rogue Community College, Emmy Hall recognized the career path she wanted to pursue.

Now she’s working toward an Associate of Arts transfer degree in Health and Physical Education and plans to continue her education in the Southern Oregon University outdoor adventure leadership program.

Hall, 24, was honored for her many contributions to RCC. On April 18 she received the President’s Appreciation Award at Honors Night. Hall said she “giggled hysterically for 10 minutes” upon learning she had won the award. She also is a recipient of the Rogue Heroes Scholarship from the RCC Foundation.

“It’s been huge for my confidence to get recognized for working hard,” she said. “Someone noticed. . .it’s an excellent pat on the back.”

Hall, who approaches life with throttle wide open, started RCC’s new Outdoor Club, which won the 2014 RCC Club of Year Award. With more than 100 Facebook “friends,” the club holds monthly activities including hikes, rock-climbing workshops, and community service projects.

Hall also is director of activities for Redwood Campus student government, sponsoring blood drives, financial literacy workshops, and more. In addition, she works 10-15 hours a week for the RCC Financial Aid Department.

“I’m falling back into old ways,” she said about her busy life. Hall graduated in 2008 from Grants Pass High School where she edited the school paper and yearbook and was active in several clubs.

After high school Hall worked in mental health facilities for youth and adults. Then two years ago her 17-year-old brother Garth died in a fall in Hellgate Canyon, and life changed dramatically for Hall. She began drinking excessively to ease the pain and eventually entered a rehabilitation facility.

“As horrible an experience as it was, it was an opportunity to reinvent myself, and I did,” said Hall, who’s been sober since and enrolled spring term 2013 at RCC.

“When I first got to RCC, I stayed fairly quiet, taking it all in and seeing what college was all about,” she recalled. Now she’s excited about the range of opportunities her major offers, such as outdoor therapy and recreation programs.

“I want to do something fun for a living. I’m passionate about it and also incredibly focused on safety because of my brother,” she explained. “College isn’t just about learning in class — but collectively the student life experience as a whole,” she added.

“I’m having fun being a student and enjoying the experience.”

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