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Christine De Loza

Anual Latino conference inspired Christine De Loza to attend RCC

College had been in my mind, but EMO gave me a clearer, broader picture of what I needed to do, and a sense that it was possible. more...

Joe Baker

RCC Automotive student hired upon graduating

When the economy crashed and his hours were cut, Joe Baker figured the time had come to make a career change. more...

Sharon Bahr

RCC helped Sharon Bahr on her journey to success

When RCC graduate Sharon Bahr embarked on a Ph.D. program in clinical psychology this fall at Howard University, she was taking the next step in a remarkable journey.more...

Chris Cooper

RCC helped veteran Chris Cooper adjust to civilian life

Chris Cooper's Marine unit was the first to enter Iraq in March 2003, immediately engaging resistance from enemy tanks. Coming home in 2005 posed another kind of challenge.more...

Amie Martin

Merit scholarship drew Amie Martin to RCC

Well before Amie Martin graduated from Grants Pass High School in 2010, she realized that becoming a Rogue Ambassador would be an excellent way to pay for her first two years of college.more...

Sabrina Miller

Sabrina Miller counsels “at risk” students

Now a successful student at Southern Oregon University, Sabrina Miller is passing along the support and encouragement that she received as a young girl.more...

Rafael Lozano

Landscape program launches new career for Rafael Lozano

Rafael Lozano is earning a Landscape Technician certificate at Rogue Community College, learning skills that will allow him to combine his love of art and gardening to start his own business. more...

Karah Croucher

RCC is 'all for the students' says Karah Croucher

"I'd heard a lot of good things from friends about RCC and how students get more individualized attention," she said. And it's way more affordable," she added. While in high school, Croucher earned 35 Early College 2+2 credits, which meant she didn't have to take as many prerequisite classes at RCC. more...

Kayde Lininger and Jil Rigby

Graduation speaker encourages fellow GED® completers

Kayde Lininger says the first person she met upon arriving at Rogue Community College was Jil Rigby, a longtime staff member in the Learning Center on the Redwood Campus. more...

Tommy Gulino

RCC helped Tommy Gulino discover a new career

As soon as the alarm sounds at the Rural/Metro Fire Department station near Wilderville, Tommy Gulino grabs his turnout gear and jumps aboard the fire truck.

It roars off – lights blazing, siren blaring – heading out to fight a fire at a Cave Junction grocery store. more...

John Toth

Automotive student lands job after graduation

John Toth has done so well during his on-the-job training at Roe Motors that he’s been offered a full-time technician position when he graduates from Rogue Community College this spring. more...

Daniel Madrigal

CWE lets student earn college credits at his jobsite

Having already completed high school by the time he turned 15, Daniel Madrigal immediately plunged into taking business classes at Rogue Community College. At 17 he was hired by Motorcycle USA, one of the nation’s leading Internet retailers to help with bookkeeping. more...

Katherine Halbert

CWE provides practical experience for business tech student

An on-the-job training program at Rogue Community College is helping Katherine “Kat” Halbert transition from the classroom back into the work world.

Halbert, who will graduate in June with an Associate of Applied Science degree, was laid off from a large cabinet manufacturer in 2009. She's been enrolled in RCC's more...

Travis Redfield

Earning GED® through RCC helps Travis Redfield reach his goals

Not too long ago, Travis Redfield was a bored high school student just marking time.

“I was a warm body in a chair. I was absorbing information but not doing much with it,” the Medford resident said. Redfield bailed out of school more...

Ryan Kahl

Hard work paying dividends for diesel student

For the past two years, Ryan Kahl has left his home north of Grants Pass at 7 a.m. and driven an hour to the Rogue Community College Table Rock Campus in White City to study diesel technology. more...

Kendra Arnold

Kendra Arnold discovered a new career through RCC

Kendra Arnold was searching for new career opportunities when she spotted an RCC class schedule; the cover photo featured a young woman who’d trained as a dental assistant at Rogue and loved her job. more...

Greyson Back

HVHS graduate couldn’t pass up RCC’s merit scholarship

As he drew near to graduation from Hidden Valley High School last June, Greyson Back was already leaning strongly toward attending Rogue Community College. A new RCC scholarship that honors outstanding high school graduates sealed the deal. more...

Matthew Orndoff

Attending RCC a family affair for mother and daughter

Laura and Brianna Guerrero light up with excitement as they talk about their shared learning experience at Rogue Community College.

While pursuing different goals, the mother and daughter attended RCC simultaneously, took the same oceanography class, and enjoyed studying and learning together. more...

Matthew Orndoff

Scholarships help fund future pharmacist’s education

Like many students, Matthew Orndoff didn’t know exactly what he wanted to do after graduating from high school. A hospital visit for heart-related problems helped Orndoff clarify his goals. During all the tests he underwent, the hospital staff was encouraging, supportive and sympathetic, both calming and assuring him. The experience focused Matthew on healthcare as a career, and he finally decided to pursue pharmacology because of his penchant for chemistry. more...

Kaitlyn Eccleston

RCC a better fit for “small town girl” Katilyn Eccleston

After a year at Oregon State University, Katilyn Eccleston transferred to Rogue Community College — and she’s glad she did. Eccleston attended OSU after graduating in 2008 from high school in Gold Beach, where she was born and raised. “I’m a small town girl, and I felt lost in lecture classes with 550 students,” she recalled. “I came to RCC and have succeeded way past my expectations. I’ve done well, and it’s given me my confidence back.” more...

Craig Gabbert

Inspired by son's birth, Army vet builds new life at RCC

When Craig Gabbert started attending Rogue Community College, he enrolled in a college success class that helped build his self-confidence. “The teacher said ‘Keep coming back and doing the work.’ I did. I learned about scheduling time and about self-affirmations,” Gabbert said. “And I learned about setting goals and how to break big goals into smaller ones. I realized I’d never set a goal.” more...