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Reports & Presentations

Institutional Research (IR) Reports to the RCC Board of Education

Each month, IR submits a report to the RCC Board of Education. It includes a current enrollment report, as well as data on one or two other strategically important topics. Thus, board reports topics are organized by Strategic Plan Objectives, as they inform decision making associated with Rogue Community College’s Strategic Plan.

Disproportional Enrollment Reports: Strategic Plan Objective 2 Environmental Scans

In accordance with Administrative Procedure 102, IR annually prepares a Disproportional Enrollment report which assesses overall access to educational opportunities for traditionally underserved populations. It specifically examines disproportional enrollment into Academic and Career and Technical Education Courses as compared to the proportion of the traditionally underserved groups within the college service district. The purpose of the report is to determine whether certain traditionally underserved groups are being excluded from participating in educational opportunities at Rogue Community College, and is in alignment with Objective 2 of RCC’s Strategic Plan.

Current Disproportionate Enrollment Report: 2020-21 Academic Year

Previous Reports

2019-20 (Begins analysis across demographics)

2018-19 (Includes 2017-18 data)

2016-17 (Submitted April 2018)

Collaborative Learning Environments: Strategic Plan Objective 3 Environmental Scan

Rogue Community College’s third strategic plan objective focused on the creation of collaborative learning spaces which connect students to other students, faculty, staff, and local employers. It was designed to support collaborative learning by creating more spaces where this kind of learning could take place. Collaborative learning has been shown in research to improve student comprehension of class material and ultimately improves student graduation rates. The following report is an internal environmental scan completed by both RCC’s Institutional Research Department and students at RCC. Co-authored by a student Institutional Research Assistant, it provides an environmental scan of collaborative learning spaces through the lens of our students.

Student Engagement Reports & Presentations: Strategic Plan Objective 5

Student Engagement is a key indicator of student learning, and is highly correlated with student retention. Every three years Rogue Community College participates in the administration of both the Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE) and the Survey of Entering Student Engagement (SENSE). While the Center for Community College Student Engagement provides overall benchmarked data, deeper analysis of the survey data provides critical insight to potential issues and solutions current students may face in relationship to learning at RCC. Reports and presentations below highlight important findings from the Fall 2018 Administration of SENSE at RCC.